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Bulgarian schools abroad also switch to online classes

Schools in Bulgaria have switched to online classes since Monday. Almost everywhere in the world, especially in Europe, Bulgarian Sunday Schools abroad have switched to online training. The transition to distance learning is already underway in the..

17.03.20 15:02 |

Ministry of Education: Students are allowed not to attend school classes

Due to the extraordinary circumstances with the coronavirus outbreak in Bulgaria and the prevention measures to limit its spread, in all schools in Bulgaria that are not in a "flu vacation", students are released from attending school at the discretion..

13.03.20 09:34 |

European Parliament supports language petition of Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad

The European Parliament's Committee on Petitions has supported the petition of the Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad, which aims to protect so-called "small-entry" languages ​​in the EU. Svetoslav Malinov, rapporteur on the topic, has told..

21.03.18 15:45 |

Children of refugees to enroll in Bulgarian schools with education level card

Under an ordinance of the Ministry of Education children of refugees will be able to enroll in Bulgarian schools after a special card is filled in about their education level. The card is part of the minutes about an interview that has been held...

05.04.17 16:53 |

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