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Cloudy Sunday with showers and thunderstorms

At night, there will be considerable cloudiness over the western and northeastern regions of Bulgaria, as well as rain showers. The sky will be mostly clear over the rest of the country. On August 14 showers and thunderstorms are..

13.08.22 17:50 |

The summer tourist season poses problems to solve in 2022

There are already accommodated person in the quarantine hotels on the seaside. There are enough places for the sick, the Minister of Tourism Stella Baltova told Nova TV. According to her, the season is going well despite the epidemic. A serious..

13.08.21 11:41 |

Weather forecast for Thursday, July 22

The weather will be mostly sunny on Thursday and the wind will subside. There will be temporary increase in cloudiness, but precipitation is not expected. The highest temperatures will be between 25 ° and 30 °, in Sofia - 25 degrees. It..

21.07.21 19:30 |

Start of autumn-winter season… by the sea

During the past week Bourgas welcomed the first 25 tourists from Ukraine for a combined autumn-winter holiday . As is the tradition, the tourists were welcomed with bread and honey, to the sound of authentic Bulgarian folklore instruments...

24.10.20 04:55 |

When in Bulgaria: What to do if you lose property or have it stolen

In summer, with sea, sun and leisure, our self-preservation instinct takes a back seat. We do not always remember to be vigilant – of ourselves and of our property as we take to the pleasures of life, until next summer. But it only takes..

14.07.20 11:01 |
The controversial construction in Alepu protected area

Protest under motto "Seaside without concrete" to be held in Burgas

Citizens will go out in protest tonight in the Black Sea city of Burgas to voice their dissatisfaction with a new construction in the protected area of Alepu on the Black Sea coast. The construction is supposedly a retaining wall according to the..

12.06.20 15:46 |

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