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Balkan developments

European Commission  concludes reports on Romania under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism The European Commission announced that Romania has fulfilled the benchmarks set in the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism. The Commission..

25.11.22 13:31 |

EP seeks ways to preserve labour mobility in the EU despite Covid-19 restrictions

Labour mobility within the EU should be made easier for workers as well as for employers, with clearer rules to ensure fair, equality-based working conditions. This is the aim of a report drafted by European People’s Party MEP Radan Kanev and his team..

08.09.21 11:37 |

Analysts forecast sharp decline of remittance flows to Bulgaria

The sharp decline of remittance flows will have a devastating effect on a number of countries from the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the World Bank forecasts. Experts forecast that the amount of money sent by emigrants to these..

26.11.20 12:39 |

Greece imposes stricter rules for foreign seasonal workers

Greece has introduced stricter rules for foreign seasonal workers due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the Balkans. Foreign agricultural workers who leave the country before August 4 will not be able to return until further notice,..

20.07.20 18:12 |

Italian army blocks Bulgarian workers in area with coronavirus outbreak

Bulgarian seasonal workers are protesting in the Italian town of Mondragone near Naples in the town area blocked due to a coronavirus outbreak. The army interfered after some workers managed to break the Police cordon. Clashes with furious locals..

26.06.20 13:09 |

Unemployed can work in agriculture without losing their social benefits

The unemployed Bulgarians who decide to work in the agriculture field will not lose their right to social benefits. However, this work will not be considered as work experience. This is one of the measures aimed to facilitate the hiring of seasonal..

16.05.20 15:05 |

European Commission expects response from France over returned Bulgarians

The European Commission expects France to investigate the case of the Bulgarian seasonal workers who were forcibly returned to Bulgaria . We have full confidence in the inspection of the French authorities, said a spokesman for the institution...

11.05.20 15:25 |

Court decision expected over Bulgarians flown back from France

The lawyer of the Bulgarian seasonal workers which were returned from France, Quentin Décamps, expects to receive the decision of the court of first instance on May 8 on the appeal of the Bulgarians against their non-admission to French territory ...

08.05.20 08:23 |

Bulgarians blocked in France flown home

All of the 73 Bulgarian nationals who flew to France as seasonal workers but were not allowed out of Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris and had to spend more than 24 hours there, have been put on board an airplane to Sofia. The Bulgarian..

07.05.20 14:22 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria-Day 60

20 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Bulgaria on May 6 The number of Covid-19 cases in Bulgaria reached 1,778, the National Crisis Headquarters announced. 20 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed on May 6. Most new cases were reported as..

06.05.20 18:05 |
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