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The ship stranded at Bulgaria's Black Sea coast near Varna threatens the ecosystem

For seven days now, the ship "Vera Su" remains stranded next to the rocks of Kamen Bryag with all its cargo on board. During the inspection on the spot, the experts from the Varna Coastal Directorate did not find traces of oil products in the..

26.09.21 11:05 |

Wrong maneuver caused the ship Vera SU to get stuck

The ship Vera SU, on route from Ukraine to the port of Varna that got stuck in the rocks near the protected area of Yailata had failed to make a routine adjustment of its course, which caused its collision with the shore on September 20, Dnevnik..

24.09.21 19:18 |

Ship runs aground near Kamen Bryag village

A cargo ship ran aground early this morning near Yailata protected area close to Kamen Bryag village, BNR’s Radio Varna reports. The maritime vessel Vera Su was built in 1989 and is operated by a Turkish company. It is a 3,217 gt. ship, 86..

20.09.21 14:14 |

Actress Maria Bakalova becomes godmother of first Bulgarian military research ship

In Varna, the Oscar-nominated Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova became the godmother of the first Bulgarian military research ship . It is named after the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius. The ship is owned by a consortium between the Naval School, Sofia..

27.07.21 11:51 |
Varna port

Bulgarian sailors call for lifting quarantine for ship crews

Bulgarian maritime organizations have filed a petition to the Bulgarian authorities and the European Parliament to lift the quarantine for ship's crews. They want free access to ships and air travel after a negative Covid-19 test. They recall that the..

27.05.20 12:14 |
Minister Zaharieva

Bulgarian captain kidnapped near Benin is now free

The Bulgarian captain who was kidnapped by pirates near Benin, has been released, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva announced today. He is expected to return to Bulgaria soon. In April, pirates attacked the container ship "Tommi..

25.05.20 14:08 |
Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sofia

Benin pirates hold Bulgarian ship captain as hostage

Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry has announced that there is a Bulgarian national aboard the pirate-seized ship off the town of Cotonou on the coast of Benin. He is the captain of the attacked containership. 11 crew members of the Tommi Ritscher ship have..

21.04.20 16:27 |

Tanker ship that arrived from Venice placed under quarantine

The crew of a ship that arrived from northern Italy at the oil port in Burgas have been put under a quarantine. There are about 25 Filipinos aboard the vessel as the ship left Venice on February 21st and reached the Rosenetz Burgas port on..

27.02.20 18:30 |
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