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Formation of a working government after the elections – more and more feasible

Yesterday was the last day when the parties and coalitions were able to register their candidate lists for the upcoming snap parliamentary elections on 11 July. 18 parties and 19 coalitions have been registered for participation in the..

09.06.21 14:40 |

Voting of Bulgarians abroad – facilitated, yet still full with challenges

19 parties and 9 coalitions have applied to run in the April 11 th snap parliamentary elections . Despite fewer candidates than in previous elections (31 parties and 8 coalitions), the work of the Central Election Commission (CEC) for the..

27.05.21 15:10 |

Measures taken to prevent Turkey interference in Bulgarian elections: PM Ognian Gerdjikov

Bulgarian caretaker PM Ognian Gerdjikov told the press that measures had been taken to prevent possible interference of Turkey in the election process in Bulgaria. In his words, attempts on the part of Turkey for interference in all elections in the..

17.03.17 12:05 |

Time for reconciliation in Bulgaria: PM Ognyan Gerdzhikov

“Time has come for reconciliation in Bulgaria”, caretaker Prime Minister Ognyan Gerdzhikov said last night in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television. He added that reconciliation is a process that should be conducted more intelligently...

28.01.17 09:29 |
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