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Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Precipitation is in the weather forecast for most parts of Bulgaria on Tuesday. Moderate to strong northwesterly winds will bring cold air over the country. Snow is expected in the high fields of Western Bulgaria and the Pre-Balkans. The snow cover..

06.12.21 19:35 |

Bulgaria after the heavy rainfall

Flooded streets, yards and houses, villages and neighbourhoods cut off by land- and mudslides – this is what Bulgaria looks like 24 hours after the severe rainfall. Fortunately no loss of life has been reported. Weather conditions have now..

13.01.21 14:21 |
Troyan-Karnare Pass

October snowfalls close mountain passes in Bulgaria and cause power outages

Snowfalls closed mountain passes in Bulgaria during the night and made road conditions in some regions of the country difficult, with cars blocked in the Petrohan Pass in Stara Planina. Despite warnings of meteorologists for possible snowfalls in early..

08.10.17 10:20 |
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