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Residents of Sofia create 100-meter-long Ukrainian flag with flowers

On the 100th day of the war in Ukraine, the Sofia Municipality placed a 100-meter-long blue canvas in Slaveykov Square, on which citizens are able to place yellow flowers in sympathy with Ukrainian citizens.  "Sofia, as a European capital, must..

03.06.22 11:32 |

Rally in support of solidarity and military aid for Ukraine takes place in Sofia

A solidarity rally in support of sending Bulgarian military aid to Ukraine is being held downtown Sofia. The rally started from the Presidency and is expected to end at the Eagles’ Bridge junction. The initiators point out that after more than..

28.04.22 19:44 |

Javor Gardev: The war in Ukraine is erecting a wall of much sturdier iron that the Iron Curtain of the Cold War

December 2020. The world is in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the first time in its 100-year long history, the Ivan Radoev Drama and Puppet Theatre in Pleven premiered, online, “Insulted. Berlarus” as part of an international initiative..

12.04.22 11:53 |
Vasko the Patch

Musicians perform in "Solidarity with Ukraine" rock concert this afternoon

A big charity concert entitled “Solidarity with Ukraine. We stand with you!” is taking place at 4 PM today  in St. Alexander of Battenberg square in Sofia. The stage for the concert will be built on the spot where the mausoleum of communist leader..

27.03.22 06:05 |

BNR expresses solidarity with the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine

The Bulgarian National Radio has sent a letter of support to the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine. The letter, signed by BNR’s Director-General Milen Mitev reads: “The Bulgarian National Radio expresses its support for the Public..

25.02.22 17:32 |

The crisis has heightened Bulgarians’ sense of solidarity

“Solidarity” is the word we associate 2020 with – a year of global medical, social and economic crisis with long-term negative effects. Against the backdrop of the explosive spread of Covid-19 we witnessed an enormous wave of human empathy and..

04.11.21 13:55 |

Bulgaria marks International Day of Journalists' Solidarity

On the occasion of the International Day of Journalists' Solidarity - September 8, the book of Bulgarian journalist Georgi Naydenov "Journalism - the voice of humanity" was presented at the Union of Journalists. The author is a longtime journalist at BTA..

08.09.21 15:35 |

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