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The egg as a symbol of high inflation

According to data of the National Statistical Institute, 30% of retailers in Bulgaria expect that prices in this country will continue to rise in the next three months, even though the prices of essentials such as eggs, vegetables and..

01.03.23 15:30 |

Bulgaria’s commercial attachés join battle for lower food prices

Bulgarian Minister of Economy, Nikola Stoyanov, has ordered Bulgaria's trade representatives abroad to collect data on the prices of more than 20 basic food products. The list of products includes flour, oil, rice, beans, sugar, milk, butter,..

28.02.23 18:35 |

Traders speculate with the prices of basic goods, trade unions say

CITUB warns that in recent weeks cases of unfair trade practices have increased and there is evidence of speculative price increases throughout the supply chain. In this regard, the trade union demands that immediate measures be taken..

25.02.23 17:25 |
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