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Bulgarian producer of healthy sweets prepares for breakthrough on international markets

A Bulgarian start-up company producing sugar, gluten, soy and fat-free protein sweets is growing fast, incorporating ambitious plans and out-of-the-box ideas in its development. After being valued at BGN 1 million (EUR 511,637) by a..

12.11.22 12:05 |

InvestBulgaria Agency confers annual “Investor of the Year” awards

Balkanpharma-Dupnitsa was awarded the 2021 Investor of the Year award. The award was presented by this country’s Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer. InvestBulgaria Agency organized the award ceremony for the 16th consecutive year. The..

01.04.22 11:58 |

Tatiana from Slovakia sees Bulgaria as home full of beauty and love

The feeling of success, no matter where one settles down, comes from communication with other people and the support you receive, from the achievements in work, as well as from pleasure in everyday life. When all this is present, one can be..

29.07.21 11:20 |
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