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As of today, Sofia Airport officially has a new owner

As of today, the French-German consortium SOF Connect is the official and only operator at Sofia Airport. Iliyana Tsanova, former Deputy Executive Director of the European Fund for Strategic Investment, will chair the board as an independent member...

20.04.21 19:44 |

Bulgaria needs to allocate public funds to the tune of EUR 2.5 billion for higher incomes

Wages in Bulgaria could see a significant increase if this country’s gross domestic product increases with 3.5% on an annual basis and the average annual inflation is around 2%, forecasts the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria...

22.02.21 19:41 |

Finance Ministry forecasts lower budget deficit for 2020 than planned

The budget deficit for 2020 is expected to amount to BGN 3.6 billion (EUR 1.84 billion) instead of the BGN 5.2 billion (EUR 2.65 billion) recorded in the law. Bulgaria's Finance Ministry forecasts that the deficit will be 3% of the expected GDP. The..

05.01.21 09:42 |
Finance Minister Kiril Ananiev

Finance Minister: The budget will last all year, regardless of who is in power

No matter which government will be in power, the new budget will last, even if the epidemic gets worse. This position was expressed by Bulgaria's Finance Minister Kiril Ananiev in an interview for BNT. He believes that the budget has no alternative...

24.12.20 09:51 |

Bulgaria’s state budget should promote reforms and investments: IME

In the context of Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 state budget must focus on a package of brave and bold structural reforms and promote investments, employment and productivity, experts from the Institute for Market Economics are advising.   The..

16.11.20 12:08 |

Parliament approves budget for 2021 at first reading

The National Assembly approved, at first reading, the state budget for 2021. Next year’s budget is to have a d eficit of 3.9% of the GDP , and the government will be able to take out a new loan of up to 4.5 billion Leva.  As of 1 January, 2021,..

06.11.20 19:07 |

Bulgaria's Council of Ministers approves draft budget for 2021.

The Bulgarian Government has pproved and submitted to the National Assembly the draft state budget for 2021. Among the priorities of the draft budget are the income, education, health, social, pension and defense policies.  Additional expenditures are..

28.10.20 17:26 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 213

Covid-19 morbidity rate in Bulgarian schools is low Less than 100 out of 720,000  Bulgarian students have been diagnosed with Covid-19. It became clear from a statement of this country’s Deputy Minister of Education and Science Tanya Mihaylova...

06.10.20 19:49 |

Bulgaria’s 2021 budget will be balanced: minister

Bulgaria ’s authorities are not planning to lift the maximum insurable earnings. The minimum pension will become EUR 150 per month. The minimum monthly salary will increase from EUR 312 to EUR 322. Pensioners will continue receiving allowances to the..

06.10.20 19:38 |
Petar Ganev

Balance of Bulgaria’s state budget to remain positive by end 2020: expert

A surplus to the tune of EUR 450 million has been registered in Bulgaria’s state budget in the first nine months of 2020. A lot of money is to be spent in the last months of 2020 for another consecutive year. The big surplus is due to capital..

06.10.20 16:56 |
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