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Public counter downtown Sofia tracks Bulgaria's growing state debt

A counter placed downtown Sofia monitors the country's public debt. The plate also counts the money that each family owes on average from the total amount. Values ​​are in Bulgarian levs. The counter is at the crossroads between Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd...

23.05.22 12:24 |

Bulgaria's Council of Ministers approves draft budget for 2021.

The Bulgarian Government has pproved and submitted to the National Assembly the draft state budget for 2021. Among the priorities of the draft budget are the income, education, health, social, pension and defense policies.  Additional expenditures are..

28.10.20 17:26 |

Bulgaria's debt is 20.4% of the country's GDP

The finalization of the fulfillment of the criteria for entering the  exchange rate mechanism  ERM II may be in the next few weeks, said Bulgaria's Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov. He is adamant that now is a good time for Bulgaria to take this..

22.04.20 11:59 |

New government debt to be issued on April 13

The Bulgarian National Bank has announced that a new debt to the tune of EUR 100 million from the domestic market is to be issued. Unlike the last issue on April 6, when the bonds has a 5 -year maturity period, the new securities will be for 10 and a..

07.04.20 11:24 |

Public debt grows 2 billion euro on December 2015

Public debt in Bulgaria is to the tune of more than 13.7 billion euro at the end of December 2016, figures released by the Ministry of Finance suggest. On November it grew about half a billion euro and on December of 2015 more than 2 billion. Under..

31.01.17 14:39 |

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