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Less than one-third of Bulgarians oppose Covid-19 vaccination

27.8% of Bulgarian citizens have been vaccinated against Covid-19 as of November 8, 2021. 8.4% say that they will be vaccinated within a month. In total, this is over 36 percent of adult Bulgarians. 11.7% are of the opinion that..

11.11.21 14:03 |
Prof. Vitanov

Only accelerating vaccination can spare Bulgaria from the pandemic

The coronavurs pandemic in Bulgaria could end when the level of 40,000 vaccinations per day is reached, mathematician Prof. Nikolay Vitanov has said. He told the Bulgarian National Radio that currently one third of the infected..

21.09.21 11:00 |

Annual inflation in August is 3.7%

Annual inflation in August accelerated to its highest level since February last year mainly due to higher fuel and food prices, according to data from the National Statistical Institute. The annual growth of consumer prices in..

15.09.21 15:39 |

93% of Bulgarians chose travelling in this country

At the backdrop of the continuing epidemic situation in this country, 931.7 thousand Bulgarians undertook tourist trips during the second quarter of 2021. The majority of them - 93.0%, traveled only in this country; 6.1% - only abroad, and 0.9%..

23.08.21 20:05 |

NSI: Annual inflation reached 3% in July

Inflation for the first 7 months of 2021 reached 2.3% and annual inflation in July 2021 compared to July 2020 was 3.0%. This is shown by data of the National Statistical Institute. The prices for entertainment and culture events rose..

16.08.21 15:12 |

Nearly 24% of Bulgarians live below poverty line

In 2020, the poverty line for this country as a whole was 231 euros on average per household member a month. 1,659,900 people or 23.8% were below the poverty line, according to the National Statistical Institute. Compared to the..

28.04.21 15:24 |

Unemployment falls to 6.9%

Six unemployed people compete for 1 vacancy in this country, the National Employment Agency has reported. In 17 districts unemployment is above the national average. It is highest in the northwestern region - Vidin, Montana and..

29.03.21 11:10 |

80-percent decline of revenues from foreign tourists’ overnight stays in Bulgaria

Revenues from foreign tourists have plunged by 79.4 percent in the beginning of 2021 and the revenues from Bulgarian citizens marked a 28.6-percent decline, the National Statistical Institute has reported. 15.9 per cent of bed..

11.03.21 14:02 |

19% of Bulgarians believe country is governed according to people's will

19% of Bulgarians believe that this country is governed according to the will of the people and 74% are of the opposite opinion. 6% do not give a specific answer. There has been no significant change in this regard in the past few..

12.02.21 15:11 |

During pandemic, Bulgarians shop the least in EU

For the third month in a row, Bulgaria ranks first in the EU in terms of annual decline in retail trade , according to Eurostat. Retail trade in Bulgaria declined by 17.5% on an annual basis in July, while for the EU as a whole, the indicator fell..

04.09.20 11:50 |
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