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Pair of storks nest on the bell tower of the church in Bansko

For decades, the bell tower of the Holy Trinity Church in Bansko shelters a pair of storks . Elderly local people say that since their childhood they remember the long-legged harbingers of spring that inhabit the top of the tower. Therefore, no one in..

18.03.23 14:05 |

The first stork of the year has already arrived in southern Bulgaria

A month before the arrival of the astronomical spring, the first stork flew into the village of Podkrepa in Haskovo, BTA reported. The harbinger of spring landed in a nest next to the local church "Saint Prophet Elijah" and began..

25.02.23 15:43 |

The warm weather tricks storks into wintering in Bulgaria

Severak storks, considered harbingers of spring, have already arrived in the village of Petelovo near Kardzhali. Already at the end of last year, the birds were spotted by local residents, and their appearance became known after photos on social..

22.01.23 11:05 |

Special platforms ensure safe nesting of storks

A total of 533 platforms for stork nests have been installed in the western regions of Bulgaria by the energy distribution company CEZ in order to provide conditions for safe nesting of birds, electronic media 3e-news reported...

12.04.21 19:31 |

Storks from the village of Banichan enjoy online popularity

In the village of Banichan, southwestern Bulgaria, also known as the "village of storks", a camera was paced several years ago to constantly monitor one of the many stork nests.  The idea came from the local community center "Izgrev - 1930" and the..

11.04.21 06:35 |

Banichan – a village of churches, storks and… onions

Banichan village in Southwestern Bulgaria has a population of less than 600 yet they have a lot to be proud of in terms of religion, history and culture. Banichan is the place with the greatest per capita number of places of worship. “Four..

17.02.21 12:50 |
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