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Taking a stroll along MoMA street in the heart of Sredna Gora mountain

Staro Zhelezare has for a long time been popular as an art village, part of a large-scale art project. Once they park their cars in the village square, visitors enter a surreal world in which the impossible is there to be seen on the walls..

28.07.21 12:56 |

Damian Nikolov has opened the first graffiti school in Bulgaria for free

He portrays the cosmos in his drawings because he finds true freedomin it, so needed by each graffiti artist. Recently, he has started teaching beginners how to make an impression through their art at the first free graffiti school in this..

03.10.19 15:27 |

Life is a Study: Graffiti artist Nasimo presents his latest exhibition

On May 15, at 19:00, the "2.0" Gallery in Sofia opens doors for Stanislav Trifonov's sixth exhibition, entitled "Life is a Study." Stanislav Trifonov aka Nasimo is one of the pioneers of East European street art culture and one of the most..

12.05.19 08:20 |

Sofia municipality to use video surveillance as an anti-graffiti measure

Summer is gone, autumn is here, but the weather is still clement enough for taking walks around the city. If we do that, there is one thing that cannot possibly escape our attention – the words and the comic-book characters splashed all over the..

10.10.17 11:05 |

Eyebombing across urban environment

If you happen to notice that a street tile or some outfall is looking at you while walking around the city, don’t jump back. Simply face the fact that you have just become another victim of Eyebombing and carry on with this merry mood through..

24.04.17 11:39 |
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