Depression, burnout and stress - Bulgarians feel more anxious

Between 30% and 35% of Bulgarians associate their psychological distress with workplace problems. The mental health of the population has deteriorated significantly amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdowns, the economic crisis and the war in..

23.08.22 13:57 |

More and more people are going to need a cure for the emotional suffering: Social psychologist

“Unless the Covid-related stress and anxiety are treated this will have a negative effect on the economy,” social psychologist Ivan Ivanov said for the Bulgarian news agency BTA. “More and more people are going need to a cure for their..

07.11.20 09:52 |
Prof. Petar Marinov

Depression and anxiety disorders rise due to Covid-19: Mental health expert

“Disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders have increased somewhat in connection with the coronavirus epidemic,”  Prof. Petar Marinov, chair of the Mental Health Experts Association said for the BNR. “As a matter of fact the question..

25.09.20 12:06 |
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