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The National Association of Bulgarian Vine-growers protest in front of the Ministry of Agriculture on March 24, 2022.

Vine growers in Bulgaria face bankruptcy

The lack of adequate government policy to support Bulgarian viticulture forced the representatives of the industry to protest today in front of the Ministry of Agriculture in Sofia.  After several fruitless regional protests, the National..

24.03.22 19:10 |
Prime Minister Kiril Petkov after a meeting with employers on March 14. 2022.

Government extends electricity subsidies for businesses till the end of April

Bulgarian citizens should not give in to panic, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov urged after a meeting with employers. He was adamant that there would be no shortage of goods.  We are putting out fire after fire, Petkov said, adding that there is..

14.03.22 13:28 |

Viticulturists protest for higher subsidies

A protest organized by the National Association of Bulgarian Vinegrowers temporarily blocked 5 major roads in the country. They insist that subsidies increase from EUR 15 to EUR 150 per 0.1 hectare, as in other EU countries. The protesters are also..

25.02.22 13:40 |

Vine growers demand bigger state subsidies

The state must find a way to subsidize the vine growers. Otherwise, they are facing bankruptcies. Protests are also possible, the President of the National Vine and Wine Chamber Yordan Chorbadzhiyski said in the village of Elenovo, the Municipality of..

14.02.22 17:18 |

Stockbreeders not happy with state support in midst of crisis

11 professional organizations in stockbreeding are demanding an urgent meeting with the prime minister, and the ministers of finance and agriculture. In a letter sent to the institutions they are demanding a reduction of VAT on dairy and meat..

07.02.22 11:07 |

Greenhouse growers: Consumers will not be able to buy Bulgarian vegetables this winter

Customers prefer to buy Bulgarian vegetables, because of their high quality and good taste. Next winter, however, Bulgarians may have to buy only imported tomatoes and cucumbers. Producers of greenhouse vegetables warn that it will be very..

29.10.21 09:25 |

Farmers apply for EU subsidies with non-existent animals

The Ministry of Agriculture and the Food Agency have established that in the Sofia region farms lack two thirds of the animals which European subsidies have been applied for, i.e. these are only virtual animals. In an interview with BNR, Simeon..

22.10.21 15:57 |

Vine-growers demand European grape subsidies

Vine-growers from Montana, Lom, Vratsa and Vidin temporarily blocked the E-79 road, and threw away grapes near the entrance of the town of Montana.  The protest is organized by the National Association of Bulgarian Vine-Growers and is a..

07.09.21 11:36 |

Probe launched into agriculture subsidies

The “Agriculture” Fund is launching on-site inspections of applications submitted for direct payments during campaign 2021. The inspections will be of land and livestock declared under different schemes and measures, for which applications for..

13.07.21 12:59 |

EU agricultural policy reforms create opposition between farmers in Bulgaria

The discussion in Brussels on setting a limit to agricultural subsidies has created opposition between Bulgarian farmers. Grain producers have threatened to protest with tractors in front of the ministry of agriculture if the caretaker minister..

29.06.21 10:13 |
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