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Medieval fair near Bulgaria’s Shumen on the eve of Midsummer's Day

The Madara Historical and Archaeological Reserve /15 km from the town of Shumen/ is hosting the National Medieval Fair "The Magical Madara". Its program includes demonstrations of weapons and clothing, training for children in archery, sword..

19.06.22 08:05 |

Astronomical spring begins at 17.33 pm on March 20

Astronomical spring begins at 17.33 pm on March 20. This day marks the spring equinox, the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology announced. Days are getting longer and nights are getting shorter.  In the Northern Hemisphere the vernal..

20.03.22 13:15 |

Begliktash – one of the largest ancient Thracian sanctuaries in Bulgaria

Where the Strandzha mountain and the Black Sea meet, surrounded by an oak forest, lies one of the largest Thracian sanctuaries in Bulgarian lands - Begliktash. Located only 4 km south of the town of Primorsko and about 40 km from Bourgas, it..

22.12.20 13:43 |

Astronomical summer comes to Bulgaria at 00.43 hours on 21 June

Astronomical summer in Bulgaria begins at 00.43 hours on 21 June, the time of the summer solstice, and today is the longest day of the year. In summer the highest average temperatures for most of the territory of Bulgaria are in July, along..

20.06.20 15:27 |

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