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Bulgarians and Greeks are among the most skeptical in the EU when it comes to helping Ukraine

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kostadin Kodzhabashev expressed Bulgaria's unwavering support for the Ukrainian people during his speech at the "Solidarity with the Ukrainian People" Conference in Paris, the ministry reported...

14.12.22 13:28 |
Manol Peykov

Donation campaign raises funds for electricity generators for Ukraine

For just five days, volunteers collected about 128,000 euros for the purchase of generators to be sent to Ukraine. The campaign, based on the idea of publisher Manol Peykov, started on social networks. "People can't live without..

02.12.22 13:18 |
Minister Stoyanov

Bulgaria to train 60 Ukrainians for military medical orderlies

The Netherlands is ready to help Bulgaria with the training of Bulgarian pilots for the F-16 fighter jets. The news was announced by the Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov after the EU Council meeting in..

15.11.22 15:58 |

Bulgaria's Ministry of Social Affairs mulls forms of support and employment for Ukrainian citizens

During a meeting of the parliamentary committee on labour, social and demographic policy, Bulgaria's Social Minister Georgi Gyokov said that support was being considered for all employers who hire Ukrainian citizens . After the approval of the Ministry..

11.05.22 19:15 |

10 EU countries, including Bulgaria, ask for support over Ukrainian refugees

Ten EU countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Romania - have urged the European Commission in a letter to reallocate its  budget to provide more support for people fleeing the war in..

03.05.22 16:20 |

Ukrainian flag remains on the building of Sofia Municipality

The Sofia Municipal Council confirmed its decision to place the Ukrainian flag on top of the Sofia Municipality building. With the votes of GERB-SDS and Democratic Bulgaria, the opinion of the Sofia regional governor Ivan Kyuchukov..

21.04.22 14:50 |

Easter together: A charity picnic in support of Ukrainian refugees

On Lazarus Saturday (April 16) there will be a charity picnic in support of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria. It will be held on the big meadow in the South Park in the capital under the title "Easter together/Velikdenь разом". "With..

15.04.22 12:12 |

Rally in support of Ukraine under the title "We are not neutral" takes place in Sofia today

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on world governments to increase sanctions against Russia, because failing to do so would "allow" Russia to continue its attacks on Ukraine. Russian troops are advancing to the..

07.04.22 09:10 |

Plovdiv and Varna hold demonstrations in support of Ukraine

Today, the residents of Plovdiv and Varna express their support for Ukraine in peaceful marches . Thousands of citizens in Sofia have already shown sympathy with Ukrainian people and protested against Russia's aggression.  In Plovdiv, the event..

26.03.22 07:00 |

PM Petkov: Decisions on military support for Ukraine must first pass through National Assembly

Ahead of his meeting with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin today at the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov denied claims that there were government's intentions to provide military support to Ukraine. According to..

19.03.22 10:46 |
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