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Bulgarian judges demand judicial reform: survey

 90% of judges in Bulgaria demand changes in the structure of the Supreme Judicial Council, reads a survey conducted among the magistrates, BTA informs.  According to 9% of the respondents, the Supreme Judicial Council should maintain its current..

17.01.22 11:27 |

48% of Bulgarians think 2022 will be worse than 2021: Gallup International

More than half of Bulgarians fear economic difficulties in 2022, data of a global survey conducted by Gallup International between October and December indicate. Bulgaria is among the top 5 pessimists, together with Turkey, Afghanistan, Poland and..

28.12.21 15:18 |

Most Bulgarians feel optimistic about upcoming 2022

Only 14% of Bulgarians rate 2021 as good for Bulgaria, according to a study by Trend Agency, commissioned by the 24 Chasa daily. Despite the difficulties due to the Covid pandemic, 55% of respondents said they were happy in 2021. The youngest in the..

17.12.21 11:03 |

For 71.1% of Bulgarians settling Bulgaria’s relations with North Macedonia is what matters most: Survey

71.1% of Bulgarians believe that the most important thing is the settlement of North Macedonia’s relations with Bulgaria, and that it does not matter all that much whether North Macedonia will become a member of the EU. 7.5% are of the opposite..

09.12.21 15:11 |

Mediana: Forming a new government after the elections will be difficult

President Rumen Radev is very close to winning the election for President in the first round, and if there were to be a runoff, his rival would be Prof. Anastas Gerdzhikov, indicate data from a survey by Mediana sociological agency, conducted..

10.11.21 15:41 |

Gallup International survey: Six parties set to enter new parliament

Six parties look like entering the next National Assembly , according to a survey conducted in the period from 23 to 31 October by Gallup International and commissioned by the news website OffNews.bg. The percentages given by the..

06.11.21 13:37 |

Covid-19 Green Certificate divides Bulgaria’s employers

The mandating of the Covid-19 Green Certificate divided Bulgaria’s employers, data of a quick survey of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, conducted in late October among 200 entrepreneurs and representatives of branch organizations,..

04.11.21 19:46 |

Center for Analysis and Marketing: GERB/SDS, “We Continue the Change" and BSP in the top three for Parliament

Six political formations would enter Bulgaria’s new National Assembly if elections were held today. Another political force stands a chance of crossing the 4% barrier, a survey of the Center for Analysis and Marketing, conducted with own funding,..

28.10.21 15:47 |

Gallup: GERB-SDS, BSP and “We continue the change” in the top three for parliament

56.4% of Bulgarians say that they will definitely vote at the presidential election, and 54.2% - that they will only vote at the election for parliament, data from a survey conducted by Gallup International Balkan sociological agency, commissioned..

21.10.21 17:43 |

80% Bulgarians do not know what the country’s position on the Green Deal is: survey

80% of people in Bulgaria do not know what Bulgaria’s position on the Green Deal is, and 83% - what the EU’s aims are in gradually making the economy independent of coal as a source of energy, a survey by Trend research centre shows.   68% of the..

16.10.21 16:53 |
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