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Flu wave expected parallel with Covid-19

Experts warn that parallel with the covid-19 pandemic, a flu wave is to be expected. “Many of the symptoms of flu and of Covid-19 are the same but with the flu the onset of the disease is very sudden, whereas with Covid-19 the symptoms become..

15.10.21 18:21 |

New Covid-19 symptoms: temperature running to 40 degrees and shortness of breath

Doctors have been noting new symptoms of coronavirus during the 4 th wave, the Military Medical Academy has announced. One of the principal symptoms is running a very high temperature over a long period of time, which may reach 40 degrees...

24.08.21 12:20 |

In children, Covid-19 continues to have milder symptoms

The symptoms of coronavirus infection in children are much milder. This was clarified to BNT by Prof. Svetlana Velizarova, head of the children's clinic at the Lung Hospital in Sofia. According to her, the virus has started to "rejuvenate" because of the..

10.04.21 17:01 |
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