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Sofia Municipality under investigation over illegal spending of funds

The Economic Police is checking the Sofia Municipality for illegal spending of funds accumulated from the municipal waste tax. The investigation started after media publications. During the inspection it has been established that..

22.02.22 12:16 |

Finance Minister Vassilev presents 2022 draft budget

Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev called the 2022 draft budget “a budget of economic growth”. “The new budget envisages higher capital investments with EU funds and money from the state budget; a significant increase..

24.01.22 13:22 |

The names of Bulgarian politicians in the Pandora Papers to become clear within days

Two former politicians from Bulgaria are part of the so-called Pandora Papers - revelations about financial secrets of politicians, businessmen and others around the world, who hid huge sums in offshore accounts. The names of..

04.10.21 18:24 |

Difficult months lie ahead of Bulgarian economy

Although 2020 ended less than a week ago, the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis that marked it, will have a long effect on the mental, emotional and especially the financial well-being of Bulgarians and of all other nations in the world. We..

06.01.21 12:55 |

Tax campaign starts on January 11

The tax campaign for 2021 starts on January 11. Then it will be possible for individuals to submit income declarations in the offices of the National Revenue Agency - NRA, BTA reported. From March 2021, the NRA will also publish the electronic..

31.12.20 14:55 |
Krassen Stanchev

Taxes in Bulgaria will likely go up: Krassen Stanchev

Taxes in Bulgaria will have to be raised at the end of next year, Krassen Stanchev, founder of the Institute for Market Economics said for bTV. He stated that the rise in taxes is in response to the expectations of creditors for the country to..

26.10.20 19:09 |
Lyubomir Datsov

Financier Lyubomir Datsov: There is no excuse for the slow pace of the economy

“There ought to be no excuse, for anyone, for the fact that the pace of development in this country is comparatively slow,” financier Lyubomir Datsov said for the BNR, and added that the current administration is the only one in the entire..

11.10.20 13:41 |
National Social Security Institute

Electronic payment could stop illegal labour

1/3 of workers and 40% of employers tend to work illegally, evading taxes and social security contributions , according to a representative study by the General Labour Inspectorate conducted as part of the European Campaign for declared work . The..

25.09.20 17:58 |

Useful tips for tourists: Driving in Bulgaria

The safest option for traveling short or long distances during a pandemic remains using a private car. Foreign citizens arriving to Bulgaria by car should follow the rules and comply with speed limits and road conditions. Many roads are being..

10.07.20 14:02 |

Owners of old vehicles to pay higher tax

Bulgaria’s National Assembly adopted at first reading amendments to the Corporate Income Tax Act. According to the amendments, the owners of old vehicles in Bulgaria will pay higher taxes after the introduction of a property and environmental..

18.10.18 12:15 |
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