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Teachers in Bulgarian secondary schools are of record high age, unions alarm

Only 15% of teachers in Bulgaria are under the age of 35 , and 70 percent of them leave the educational system in the very first year of working there, the trade union "Education" reported to Podkrepa Confederation of Trade Unions.  Another alarming..

13.02.23 17:25 |

Teachers from Bulgaria and Israel will exchange successful practices

Bulgaria's caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev met in Sofia with the Secretary General of the Teachers' Union Israel of Israel, Jaffa Ben David .  The two discussed the educational project, the largest in the history of bilateral relations between the..

13.10.22 17:14 |

Bulgarian Sunday schools around the world have also opened their doors

Many Bulgarian children around the world have already started their classes in native language, history and culture in the Sunday schools they visit, while others go in class on September 15, just like their peers in Bulgaria. Wherever in the world..

15.09.22 13:31 |
Minister Denkov.

Teachers' salaries in Bulgaria rise by 12%

Teachers' starting salary rises in Bulgaria and will reach 723 euros a month. This is a rise of 12%, the Ministry of Education and Science said. Salaries of other pedagogical staff in schools are raised by the same percentage, as well as the..

04.04.22 19:43 |
Video lesson in mathematics

Bulgaria's Education Ministry launches free online catalog with lessons and teaching aids

Bulgaria's Ministry of Education has created an online catalog with over 10,500 free educational lessons, videos, games, software simulations and images. They can be used freely by teachers, students and their parents and can be combined to create more..

17.12.21 11:49 |

Education Minister: Covid-19 tests for testing of students have been provided

As of Monday, all students will be able to return to class, as tests for coronavirus have been provided, Education Minister Nikolay Denkov told BNT. Adolescents will be tested once a week. Currently, 89% of children up to fourth grade attend school...

04.12.21 10:40 |
Education Minister Nikolay Denkov

More than half of teachers in Bulgaria leave after the first year: World Bank

Only 10% of the newly appointed teachers stay within the system of education, more than half leave after the first year, indicates a World Bank report for the 2014-2018 period. The second year is the most critical with 60% of the teachers leaving..

30.11.21 18:17 |

Parents protest against testing of students

Dozens of parents and teachers have come out in protest in front of the Council of Ministers against the testing of 1st to 4th grade students twice a week for Covid-19 as a condition for their in-person training. The event is organized by the United..

09.11.21 18:31 |

Bulgarian teachers show good results in online training

Compared to their European colleagues, Bulgarian teachers have organized the environment for real learning and contact via the Internet much faster and more flexibly. This is shown by studies of the Safer Internet Centre, and the conclusions are from..

31.10.21 10:54 |

More than a third of Bulgarian teachers are ready to leave the education system

With the introduction of a mandatory green certificate, 35 percent of Bulgarian teachers say they will leave their jobs, warns the trade union "Education" at Podkrepa Confederation of Labour.  In an open letter to the health minister about the..

23.10.21 13:35 |
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