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Signals for physical or mental harassment of adolescents increase by ‎‎3%‎

Everyone sometimes needs a shoulder to lean on and a friend to share with. However, when you are a child or have already entered the turbulent years of maturation, finding someone to listen, reassure and advise you can not only change you, but..

25.01.23 15:10 |

Laughing gas - new dangerous fad among teenagers

A few moments of hallucinogenic experience and euphoria in the company of other teenagers, followed by repetitive use. Inhaling laughing gas has become a fad for many teenagers. But it turns out that what they are doing is not harmless...

27.07.22 13:30 |

How are future discoverers and inventors raised?

Is it possible for teenagers to be curious and excited about the world without a mobile phone and the Internet? It turns out that this is possible. And for those children who don't think so, it's enough to visit one of the “Observatory for Ideas” camps..

08.02.21 14:52 |

Covid-19 stresses and disciplines Bulgaria’s teenagers

Anxiety among Bulgaria’s teenagers (15-19 years) increased two-fold as compared to the period before the Covid-19 crisis. Boredom among teenagers increased five times. Anger increased 3 times and frustration rose 5 times. Feelings of nostalgia, sorrow..

12.06.20 11:26 |

Bulgaria ranks highest in Europe in cigarette consumption by 16-year olds

Bulgaria is top of the list in Europe in cigarette consumption among 16-year olds, according to data of the National Public Health Centre, whereas in Europe there is an overall decline in smoking and alcohol consumption among teenagers. A joint..

21.09.16 16:15 |
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