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Classes will have in-person attendance if 30% of the pupils undergo testing or have a green certificate

Classes will have in-person attendance if 30% of the pupils in them want to go back to class with testing or with a green certificate – the document certifying vaccination, recovery from Covid-19, antibody levels or negative laboratory test result...

09.12.21 17:15 |

Canada mandates Covid-19 tests for arrivals in the country

Arrivals in Canada by air are subject to mandatory testing for Covid-19, whatever their vaccination status, and whether they have a Covid-19 recovery certificate or not. This shall not apply to arrivals from USA. Passengers are subject to..

05.12.21 10:59 |

Education Minister: Covid-19 tests for testing of students have been provided

As of Monday, all students will be able to return to class, as tests for coronavirus have been provided, Education Minister Nikolay Denkov told BNT. Adolescents will be tested once a week. Currently, 89% of children up to fourth grade attend school...

04.12.21 10:40 |

About 60% of youngest pupils in Bulgaria ready to return to classrooms

The parents of 57.03% of Bulgarian students from 1st to 4th grade in municipalities with a total morbidity of over 250 per 100,000 people across the country have given their consent for their children to return to school, being tested with non-invasive..

09.11.21 18:21 |

Parents oppose mandatory testing of children at school

14 children and their parents organized a classroom and a Bulgarian language class outdoors in front of the Municipality of Burgas as a form of protest against the mandatory testing of children in school for Covid-19 and against online learning...

08.11.21 11:17 |

School principals insist that pupils be tested for Covid-19 at home

545 school principals across Bulgaria have signed and submitted a letter to the ministers of education and of healthcare, demanding an amendment to the order for conducting Covid-19 testing in schools. The principals do not consider it right and..

08.11.21 10:10 |

Bulgarian students can return to classrooms on November 8

From November 8, Bulgarian students can return to in-person learning in municipalities where the 14-day morbidity is over 500 per 100,000 population, but this can happen only in a safe environment.   To this end, teachers who do not have a green..

03.11.21 20:05 |

Teachers and parents in Bulgaria protest against Covid-19 testing of children at school

Parents and teachers, who do not agree with the proposed regular testing of children for Covid-19 as a condition to return to the classrooms and study in person, have gone out on protest in Sofia. Protesters say the tests are unreliable and will not..

01.11.21 16:42 |

Testing children for Covid at school will be delayed by at least one week: Education minister

“The information that has appeared in the media – that children up to the 4 th grade will be back at school on Monday – is not true. This could happen as of 8 November provided there is no full lockdown,” Minister of Education Nikolai Denkov for..

28.10.21 10:34 |

Covid-19 antigen tests approved for testing in schools

Одобриха антигенни тестове за Covid-19 за тестване в училище Единадесет антигенни теста за диагностициране на Covid-19, които могат да се прилагат в училище от самите деца или от медицинските специалисти там. Те са включени в списък, предоставен на..

13.10.21 19:08 |

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