Life of the man struck by lightning is out of danger

The life of the man who was struck by lightning during last night’s thunder storm is out of danger. Lightning strike during storm in Sofia claims three lives According to Dr. Valentin Dimitrov, CEO of Pirogov emergency hospital, the..

28.09.22 11:19 |

Lightning strike during storm in Sofia claims three lives

Three people died in a lightning strike in the central part of Sofia, and one person was transported to Pirogov emergency hospital in the capital.  In the thunderstorm that hit the capital, two trees fell and several underpasses in the city center..

27.09.22 19:39 |

Cool weather, thunderstorms in places expected on Monday

During the next 24 hours, cumulus and cumulonibus  clouds will continue to develop, there will be precipitation in more places in Western and Central Bulgaria. During the night in some areas, mainly in the North-West, and tomorrow also in the..

21.08.22 18:15 |

Torrential rains cause serious damage in several regions in Bulgaria

The thunderstorm last night took a human life in the village of Lesichovo in the vicinity of Pazardzhik. A lightning killed a 41-year-old man during a friendly football match.  As a result of the hail last night, the most fertile lands near Plovdiv were..

30.08.21 10:04 |

Yellow weather warning issued for thunderstorms, heavy rain and hail in 14 regions

Today the weather will be predominantly sunny over Western Bulgaria, with thunder and rain in Central and Eastern Bulgaria mostly at midday and in the afternoon. Heavy rain with thunder and hail is expected in 14 regions of the country, where a..

27.06.21 10:25 |

Strong night storm hits Sofia and causes temporary floods

Over 750 signals about flooded streets, avenues, underground stations, stranded vehicles and residential districts left without electricity were sent in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia after the heavy thunderstorm last night. People living on ground..

07.07.20 12:09 |

Situation in Sofia has normalized after Monday’s heavy thunderstorm

The situation in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia has normalized after Monday’s heavy thunderstorm and torrential rain. The rainfall amount reached 50 liters per square meter in one hour only. Many underpasses, subway stations, buildings of public institutions..

19.06.18 09:18 |
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