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"Vices" Exhibition focuses on weaknesses of the Bulgarians

A century ago Bulgarians used to relax sipping their Turkish-style coffee with lots of sugar, eating Turkish delight or baklava as they engaged in talks. Discussing politics, they were shrouded in tobacco smoke holding a glass of absinthe in hand...

24.02.21 13:14 |

Tobacco growers call for financial aid because of Covid-19

The National Association of Tobacco Producers has called for state aid for the sector in 2021 under the de minimis scheme. The topic will be discussed during today's forthcoming Tobacco Advisory Council, BNR’s reporter Veselina..

26.01.21 09:27 |

Tsvetan Filev: Without financial instruments for support, the tobacco industry is doomed to death

More than 40,000 tobacco growers will receive BGN 74 million by the end of February. Tsvetan Filev, chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Tobacco Association, said in an interview with the BNR that the industry would seek consent from other..

22.01.20 10:05 |

Bulgarians are heaviest smokers in EU

According to the “Bulgaria Health Profile” prepared by the European Commission, Bulgaria is the EU’s heaviest-smoking country. Over 28% of the Bulgarian citizens are smokers which is 7% more than the EU average. 35% of the Bulgarian men smoke on a..

21.11.19 15:24 |

Institutions and citizens unite against sponsorship by tobacco companies

Representatives of the World Health Organization, UINICEF, patient and civic organizations signed in Sofia a memorandum against advertising and promotion of tobacco products and sponsorship by the tobacco industry. Bulgaria is part of the Convention on..

09.09.19 14:55 |

Biggest Bulgarian cigarette pack collector considers opening museum

Many think collecting is a hobby for rich or famous people who collect artwork, weapons, expensive old cars, and more. This passion, of course, requires big spending. But the truth is that not every collector needs a lot of money. Most often..

11.08.19 08:00 |

Illegal cigarette trade falls sharply in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Association of Tobacco Industry announced that it would initiate a national information campaign against illegal trade with tobacco products. The campaign is held in partnership with the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, the Bulgarian..

02.02.18 13:11 |
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