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Interim Minister of Tourism Stela Baltova

German tour operators on a visit to Bulgarian resorts

The biggest German tour operators are paying a visit to Bulgaria to meet their partners and see for themselves the quality of the product we are offering, said interim Minister of Tourism Stela Baltova in Varna. The visit will have an effect..

21.06.21 12:37 |

Predictability, vaccine rollout, Covid hotels or how to save tourist summer 2021

What tourists are looking for right now is safety and predictability. Prices, additional attractions, quality of services and other factors that used to shape tourist behavior before the Covid crisis are no longer valid, says Ivan Groshev,..

04.06.21 10:50 |

Bulgarian tour operators insist on consistency and predictability of Covid restrictive measures

The introduction of a quarantine is an administrative obstacle, which will again lead to the blocking of the activities of tour operators and will cause significant losses for already paid trips, officials from the Association "Future for Tourism" said ,..

10.03.21 09:25 |
Protest of tour operators in Sofia, March 2,2021

Tour operators call for state aid, but tourist sector is divided

Representatives of the tourism industry from the association "Future for Tourism" have organized a protest in front of the Council of Ministers in central Sofia. They are calling for state aid because of the pandemic. They want a reduction of VAT for..

02.03.21 13:49 |

Tour operators demand a Guarantee Fund to save their business

The associations of tour operators and travel agencies which have not been working for a year are demanding a meeting with the prime minister, writes   travelnews.bg. In their letter they point out that the most pressing problem is the..

19.02.21 15:53 |

The ban on organizing tourist trips – an obstacle for some and an opportunity for others

Tourism is one of the sectors that has suffered particularly badly from the pandemic. The measures and restrictions introduced in this regard have led to an unprecedented collapse in holiday bookings. The ban on organizing trips in the country and abroad..

03.02.21 14:15 |

EC approves EUR 26 million state aid for Bulgarian tour operators

The European Commission has approved a state aid scheme to the tune of nearly EUR 26 million for Bulgarian tour operators and travel agents, the European Commission has announced today, BNT reported. The state aid will be in the form of direct..

21.12.20 18:25 |

Tour operators want tourism attachés to promote Bulgaria

The Burgas Regional Tourist Chamber has proposed to the Ministry of Tourism to appoint tourism attachés in the countries that are major tourist markets for Bulgaria. According to the chamber, the tourism industry should partially support the attachés..

28.08.20 13:07 |

VAT on beer, wine sales in restaurants temporarily lowered to 9%

VAT is reduced from 20 to 9% for wine and beer sales in restaurants, commissions of tour operators and charter bus services, gyms and sports facilities. This was voted at second reading in parliament today with the votes of GERB, United Patriots, Volya..

30.07.20 11:52 |

Bulgaria promoted as a safe post-coronavirus holiday destination

The summer 2020 season started out with an anti-crisis advertising campaign targeted at the markets traditional for Bulgarian tourism, declared Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova. The country’s popularization on the BBC and CNN..

16.06.20 13:21 |
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