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Photos: Mountains and People Association of Bulgarian Mountain Guides

Adventure-seekers from abroad come to Bulgaria mostly for horse trekking and mountain hiking

Tour operators say that the number of visitors from abroad coming to this country not for a holiday by the sea, but for an adventure in the wild has been growing. Pre-2019 levels have not been reached yet but there is a lot of..

18.07.22 11:58 |

6 regions of Northern Bulgaria pool their efforts to boost tourism

The regional governors of 6 regions in Northern Bulgaria – Pleven, Gabrovo, Ruse, Silistra, Razgrad and Veliko Turnovo – are pooling their efforts to increase the number of tourists in the area. They will present local sites and festivals to..

27.04.22 19:32 |

Ukrainian tour operators created refugee routes to Bulgaria

Ukrainian tour operators have created refugee routes  and are sending their fellow citizens through Romania to Bulgaria for a fee . This was announced by the regional governor of Varna region, Blagomir Kotsev . He explained that in the..

15.04.22 16:24 |

Military conflict in Ukraine to have negative impact on Bulgarian tourism and its recovery from pandemic

The situation in Ukraine raises new concerns among tour operators, hoteliers and restaurateurs in Bulgaria. Ukraine and Russia are priority markets for Bulgarian tourism. According to the National Statistical Institute, last year Bulgaria was..

24.02.22 11:42 |

British Embassy in Sofia checks security measures in Bansko

Bansko is among the top winter holiday destinations for British tourists, the British Ambassador to Bulgaria Rob Dixon said. The diplomat met with representatives of Bansko Municipality, the Regional Police Directorate, health authorities,..

13.01.22 13:14 |

Heightened interest in tours expected in the tourist industry

At the beginning of 2022 tour operators in Bulgaria are a bit more optimistic, expecting the share of travel and revenues from tourism to go up, says Pavlina Ruseva from Future for Tourism Association. Nevertheless, she says that recovery..

08.01.22 12:46 |

Tourist season summer 2021 – successful but brief

The summer season in Bulgaria in the conditions of pandemic is relatively successful, the Ministry of Tourism reported last week. In the months of June, July and August the number of tourists who have holidayed on the Bulgarian..

19.09.21 10:05 |
Interim Minister of Tourism Stela Baltova

German tour operators on a visit to Bulgarian resorts

The biggest German tour operators are paying a visit to Bulgaria to meet their partners and see for themselves the quality of the product we are offering, said interim Minister of Tourism Stela Baltova in Varna. The visit will have an effect..

21.06.21 12:37 |

Predictability, vaccine rollout, Covid hotels or how to save tourist summer 2021

What tourists are looking for right now is safety and predictability. Prices, additional attractions, quality of services and other factors that used to shape tourist behavior before the Covid crisis are no longer valid, says Ivan Groshev,..

04.06.21 10:50 |

Bulgarian tour operators insist on consistency and predictability of Covid restrictive measures

The introduction of a quarantine is an administrative obstacle, which will again lead to the blocking of the activities of tour operators and will cause significant losses for already paid trips, officials from the Association "Future for Tourism" said ,..

10.03.21 09:25 |

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