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Predictability, vaccine rollout, Covid hotels or how to save tourist summer 2021

What tourists are looking for right now is safety and predictability. Prices, additional attractions, quality of services and other factors that used to shape tourist behavior before the Covid crisis are no longer valid, says Ivan Groshev,..

04.06.21 10:50 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 100

Updated anti-epidemic measures in place as of today As of today until the end of June, in accordance with the orders issued by Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev, wearing a mask remains mandatory on public transport, in pharmacies and medical..

15.06.20 20:07 |

Bulgaria’s tour guides demand support

The Covid-19 pandemic left over 1,400 tour guides jobless due to the travel restrictions introduced for tourists from other countries and Bulgarians who have chosen to visit particular destination. The people known as “little ambassadors” are worried..

11.06.20 11:30 |

Bulgaria’s tourism sector: Presidency of Council of EU to have positive effect on the country’s image

Representatives of Bulgaria’s tourism industry are expecting that the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2018 will have positive effect on the image of this country and will result in higher revenues from..

02.11.17 17:18 |
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