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Free tourist maps for holidaymakers coming to Varna and nearby resorts

This summer tourists who have chosen to spend their holidays in Varna on the Black Sea or in any of the resorts nearby will be given free tourist maps with information about the cultural and historical sites in the region, the public transport..

10.07.21 09:35 |

Five one-day trips to beautiful monasteries near Sofia

Sofia is a privileged city in terms of tourism. You can go for a walk and enjoy the preserved nature of several mountains in its surroundings, kayak in picturesque lakes and ponds, explore medieval fortresses and villages, etc. Radio..

27.12.20 13:15 |

Mobile application tells tourists all about sites they pass by on their way

“The application is like a GPS. It switches on when you come close to the site and tells you all about it,” the author of the idea Svetlozar Zahariev explained for the BNR. “The application has been developed for virtual tours in four..

13.12.20 09:35 |

Historical walk in Sofia shows how well we know our capital city

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia has been a center for different cultures, nations and ethnicities since ancient times, which is mainly due to its strategic geographic location- a crossroad between Western Europe and the Middle East. The city’s..

17.09.20 11:43 |

Videos present the natural beauties of Bulgaria

The Ministry of Tourism has started broadcasting videos promoting places and tourist sites in Bulgaria that are largely unknown but have great potential for development. The videos are prepared jointly with the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides..

26.08.20 12:45 |
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