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Trade unions in Bulgaria call for 350-euro starting salary for university graduates

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria will insist on a salary of at least EUR 350 for a young university graduate who starts working in their sphere. No taxes on minimum incomes and decent payment for overtime hours - these are also..

24.10.17 17:02 |

Albania is the only Balkan country where salaries are lower than in Bulgaria

A survey of the average wages in the Balkans and in Bulgaria over the second quarter of 2017 was presented at an international meeting held in Sofia “Living standards in the focus of attention of the TUs.” The analysis indicates that the highest..

10.10.17 10:47 |

Employers refuse to hold negotiations on minimum insurable earnings

The third round of negotiations between the trade unions and employers on setting down the minimum insurable earnings in different sectors should take place in Sofia today. However, a representative of the Bulgarian Industrial Association..

23.08.17 10:35 |
Plamen Dimitrov

European TUs want higher salaries in Bulgaria

Europe wants higher salaries across the entire continent, but most of all in the countries of Eastern Europe where wages are many times lower than in the other European countries. This is the focus of the “Europe wants higher salaries” campaign..

15.02.17 15:33 |
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