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May you have a good life and health throughout the year and beyond!

For centuries the coming of the New Year has been one of the most important moments in Bulgarian tradition. It is more than a change of digits on the calendar, it is a borderline that has to be crossed, and it is crossed with a series of rituals and..

01.01.23 01:05 |

At a "wedding" in the Sofia Regional History Museum

What changes occurred in Bulgarian wedding traditions after the Liberation in 1878? How does the city, as a centre of attraction for a new type of life, changed weddings, as well ? What did socialism bring to the tradition of weddings in the..

04.11.22 13:36 |
Yordanka Nikolova demonstrates the kene technique in front of the Lutova house in Koprivshtitsa

Kene from Koprivshtitsa – gossamer lace made out of silk thread and… horsehair

Translucent, delicate, made out of fantasy and love – the lace from the town of Koprivshtitsa, with its intricate ornamentation, used to be an element of all traditional clothing and household fabrics in the town. Once, the women of..

08.10.22 10:10 |

Berkovitsa marks Ivan Vazov’s birth anniversary with traditional mass ascent to Mount Kom

The traditional mass ascent to Mount Kom in the Balkan Mountains on July 9 marks the 172nd birth anniversary of the Patriarch of Bulgarian Literature Ivan Vazov, born on July 9, 1850. The Municipality of Berkovitsa organizes the event for the sixth..

17.07.22 10:10 |

The village of Balvan hosts the traditional Banitsa Festival

Today, July 9, the Community Center “Niva 1898” in the village of Balvan, Veliko Tarnovo district, hosts the traditional Banitsa Festival named “Banitsa on Weekdays and Holidays”. Undoubtedly, banitsa is the most popular Bulgarian pastry meal. Have..

09.07.22 11:05 |

Legends describe St. Peter as a stern and strict old man, and St. Paul as a fair and kinder man

The Day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (Petrovden in Bulgarian) is a holiday much revered by Bulgarians. In Bulgarian folk tradition, it symbolizes the rise of nature and life at the beginning of the real summer, which in Bulgaria usually begins..

29.06.22 06:10 |
Blind Mare in Yassen village

Masked men in Yassen village banish evil forces, diseases and bad luck in old-time ritual

As is the tradition of old, people in Yassen village near Pleven banished the evil spirits, diseases and bad luck from their homes, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports.   A ritual called Blind Mare is performed there after Epiphany and..

08.01.22 14:26 |

As Granny Marta approaches…

If you take a stroll in the streets of Sofia or any other town in the country you will find the colours red and white everywhere. Because on this last day of February everyone wants to choose a martenitsa for their loved ones – an amulet of health, which..

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