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The language of traditional Bulgarian aprons revealed in exhibition in Plovdiv

The way of life, mentality and culture of the Bulgarians from the early 19 th century to the 1930s is now on display at the Regional Ethnographic Museum in Bulgaria’s second-biggest city Plovdiv. Visitors to the exhibition "The Apron - a..

02.04.22 11:59 |

The apron – a characteristic accessory of Bulgarian women in the past

Once upon a time, the Bulgarian woman used to make her own clothes, choosing the materials, colours and elements, and the apron was a kind of a “introduction card”. It could be used to tell which place the woman was from, how wealthy..

04.10.20 04:45 |

Craftsman Stoyan Marinov creates folk costumes for the world stages

On the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (June 29), called by Bulgarians Petrovden , we also celebrate the Day of Craftsmen. In Bulgarian lands ancient traditions related to handmade jewelry, national costumes, household items and other items..

29.06.20 07:00 |

The memory of Sofia embroidery patterns

An exhibition has opened in Sofia with the motto “The memory of Sofia embroidery patterns” dedicated to the 90 th anniversary of the Regional Museum of History in the capital city. The display features a diverse heritage of embroidery work made..

31.03.18 08:00 |

Bulgarian woman’s beauty through Radoslav Parvanov’s lens

I Am A Bulgarian Woman is the name of photographer Radoslav Parvanov’s latest exhibition. He has captured the images of 25 young Bulgarian women in traditional folklore clothing, shot at spots of cultural and historical significance...

28.05.17 08:45 |

The magic of Bulgarian traditional embroidery

An exhibition is on at the National Museum of History with the motto “Creativity recreated”. It displays splendid embroidery pieces from the Bulgarians lands, as well as traditional costumes and jewelry. A wealth of traditional folk costume..

07.01.17 09:35 |

Bulgarian embroideries and their symbols

Pretty, motley and quite complex, Bulgarian embroidery is one of the highest achievements of traditional culture. Like other Bulgarian crafts, it harbours symbols and meanings, established far back in time. Most Bulgarian homes have kept to the..

13.12.11 12:30 |

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