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Bulgarians exchange martenitsa for health and peace

The month of March is here and the promise of spring is in the air. On the first of March Bulgarians adorn themselves with martenitsa, this wonderful symbol of spring, the exchange of which is always accompanied by wishes for health, joy and prosperity..

01.03.22 08:33 |

Are Bulgarian “chitalishte” community centres a dying species?

In 1856, in the town of Svishtov on the Danube, four National Revival leaders created the first Bulgarian community centre called “chitalishte”, setting themselves several major goals - to open a library, to collect old..

28.02.22 14:34 |

Prosphora seal sanctifies bread and make it part of Holy Liturgy

Bread is an extremely important element in Bulgarian traditional culture. That is why there are a number of rituals and sacraments associated with its preparation. In order for the bread to acquire the status of a festive bread and..

28.12.20 06:55 |
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