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Traffic delays for heavy goods vehicles at the Ruse and Kapitan Andreevo borders

The caretaker government has decided that the state should take control of fruit and vegetable imports at the border with Turkey at Kapitan Andreevo , former deputy agriculture minister Ivan Hristanov told BNR. The disputes between Eurolab 2011..

04.08.22 13:30 |

Road repair and maintenance companies begin three-day protests and road blocks

Road repair and maintenance companies have launched protests nationwide. The protest in Sofia is in front of parliament building and will continue with a procession of cars and heavy-duty vehicles which will slow down traffic along Sofia’s circular..

27.07.22 11:09 |

Intense traffic at the Bulgaria-Serbia and the Bulgaria-Greece border crossings

Traffic at Kalotina border crossing at the Bulgaria-Serbia border and at Kulata checkpoint at the Bulgaria-Greece border is intense, Bulgaria’s Border Police announced. The border crossings near the towns of Zlatograd and Ivaylovgrad are open for..

17.07.22 16:26 |

Traffic Police: Nearly 30% of all drivers in Sofia are under the influence of intoxicants

Almost 30% of drivers in Sofia drive under the influence of intoxicants , said Commissioner Tencho Tenev, head of the traffic police in Sofia. According to him, these are young people aged between 18 and 40 who feel that they can get away with not..

07.07.22 15:16 |
The protesters are demanding that the government take action against the lack of penalties for violators of the Road Traffic Act.

Citizens go on protest after hit-and-run driver kills 2 young women in Sofia

Tonight in Sofia, at the scene of the serious accident that killed two young women, a civil protest was held against the lack of control over road safety . It was organized through social networks. The protesters are demanding that the..

06.07.22 19:17 |
Danube Bridge, Ruse

Intermodal terminal to ease traffic across Danube at Ruse after 2025

An intermodal terminal is to be built in Ruse by the end of 2025, the Railway Infrastructure National company has announced. Long queues of trucks at Danube Bridge near Vidin continue, international drivers furious The start is..

05.07.22 14:57 |

Heavy rainfall damages road infrastructure in Bulgaria

The heavy rain destroyed a number of roads in Bulgaria   between June 10 and 12.  Road maintenance and repair works are underway on Petrohan Pass, where the overflowing Barzia River washed away the asphalt layer and damaged the road. Thus, at least..

13.06.22 11:19 |

Three demonstrations are blocking traffic in Bulgaria's capital Sofia

At 8:00 a.m., public transport employees began blocking key junctions in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. They insist on an urgent update of the state budget due to the jump in prices.  The protesters gathered at Lion's Bridge, Stochna Gara and Pette..

18.05.22 13:41 |

Heavy traffic at some of Bulgarian border crossings with Romania and Turkey

Traffic at some border checkpoints with Turkey and Romania has been intensive, Bulgarian border police reported. The traffic across the bridges near Ruse and Vidin, as well as on the ferry Nikopol - Turnu Magurele, is significant. The passage..

22.04.22 12:30 |

Protesters block off traffic with Turkey twice

A protest demonstration blocked traffic at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint twice today. The protesters blocked off incoming traffic from Turkey, in protest against the so-called election tourism, alleging that buses were crossing the border with..

21.11.21 15:57 |

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