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Prof. Shurbanov at the library of Sofia University

Prof. Alexander Shurbanov: Translation is cross-fertilization of cultures

Prof. Alexander Shurbanov is a prominent Bulgarian scientist, lecturer, writer, translator and philologist with wide international recognition. He has made great contribution to the development of culture and higher education in..

22.04.21 15:49 |
Veliko Tarnovo University

Romanian translator is the first to register for International Summer Seminar on Bulgarian language and culture

The translator Maria Lupescu from Bucharest is the first to submit her documents for this year's edition of the International Summer Seminar on Bulgarian Language and Culture , which will take place from July 12 to August 1 in the town of Veliko..

13.04.21 19:30 |

Ventseslav Nikolov: Radio Bulgaria in Spanish has been the best time of my life

In the year in which Radio Bulgaria celebrates its 85 th anniversary we present some of the veterans of its foreign-language services, trailblazers in the BNR’s programmes targeted at audiences abroad. Without doubt many of..

27.03.21 07:00 |

Ivan Avuski: "Radio Bulgaria is the best translation school"

Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle - each with its own shape, features and unique place, translators and journalists arrange the colourful history of the BNR foreign-language programmes - Radio Bulgaria. In love with their work for 85..

20.03.21 10:25 |

Anna Kamenova – a writer of graceful expression and a passion for travel

Writer Anna Kamenova was born just six years before the end of the revolutionary 19 th century – enough to inspire in her a fighting spirit and love of country which accompanied her to her dying breath. Born in 1894 in Plovdiv,..

09.01.21 07:55 |
Vera Gancheva

Vera Gancheva, prominent translator of Swedish classic Pippi Longstocking, dies at 77

One of the most prominent Bulgarian translators of classical literary works from Scandinavian languages, Prof. Dr. Vera Gancheva, has passed away . Her impressive legacy includes translations into Bulgarian of literary classics such the children's..

10.06.20 16:06 |
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