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Three demonstrations are blocking traffic in Bulgaria's capital Sofia

At 8:00 a.m., public transport employees began blocking key junctions in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. They insist on an urgent update of the state budget due to the jump in prices.  The protesters gathered at Lion's Bridge, Stochna Gara and Pette..

18.05.22 13:41 |

Prices for bus transportation expected to rise significantly amidst rising fuel prices

As of next week, bus carriers will start a gradual increase in ticket prices - both for urban and long-distance travel. The coronavirus crisis, the reduced passenger numbers and the high fuel prices are the reasons for this increase. The..

06.03.22 11:07 |

Sofia Municipality has developed system to help city orientation

Sofia is a city in which many people have difficulties with orientation because of the lack of information boards in foreign languages. This is what results from a poll of more than 200 tourists show. That is why the Municipality of Sofia has..

14.12.17 16:56 |

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