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In April, Bulgarians travelled mainly to Turkey and Greece

The gradual lifting of restrictions due to the pandemic has opened up opportunities for more travel. In April, the trips of Bulgarians increased by 117.7% compared to a year earlier, when they were 590,000,  data from the National Statistical Institute..

27.05.22 13:44 |

Number of Bulgarians travelling abroad increases

In March 2022, the number of Bulgarians travelling abroad increased with 114.1% (538.300) as compared to March 2021, data of the National Statistical Institute show. Meanwhile, the number of foreign nationals visiting Bulgaria went up by 118.1%..

29.04.22 17:27 |

Bulgarian tour operators insist on consistency and predictability of Covid restrictive measures

The introduction of a quarantine is an administrative obstacle, which will again lead to the blocking of the activities of tour operators and will cause significant losses for already paid trips, officials from the Association "Future for Tourism" said ,..

10.03.21 09:25 |

Drop by 59% of trips of Bulgarians abroad and by 66% of foreigners in Bulgaria

In July 2020, during the ongoing epidemic situation in Bulgaria, 316.6 thousand Bulgarians undertook trips abroad . This is 59.4% below the registered trips for the same month of 2019, according to data from the National Statistical Institute. In..

27.08.20 14:11 |

Number of trips of Bulgarians abroad and of foreigners to Bulgaria plunge

The National Statistical Institute has announced that in March 2020 a sharp decline in the number of trips of Bulgarians abroad and the visits of foreigners to Bulgaria was registered. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, in March the trips of..

30.04.20 15:37 |

Trips of Bulgarians abroad and of foreign nationals to Bulgaria up

In June 2018 the number of trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad amounted to 667,300 or 9.4% more than the trips registered in June 2017. The trips of Bulgarian residents to Belgium increased with 35%, to Greece (20%), Italy (12.5%) and Spain (12.4%). In..

27.07.18 12:27 |

26.5 percent increase in number of trips taken by Bulgarians year-on-year

Bulgarians are travelling more, National Statistical Institute data show. 1,149,800 Bulgarians travelled as tourists during the second quarter of 2017. Most of them - 83.6 percent travelled inside the country, 13.5 percent went abroad and..

22.08.17 11:58 |
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