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Bulgarians abroad: Our home country needs urgent reforms

The party that appeared on Bulgaria’s political stage two months before the two-in-on elections finished first at the expense of the support for the so-called parties of protest. “Change wins”- political scientist Parvan Simeonov said..

15.11.21 13:16 |

High voter turnout registered in the United States

Bulgarians in the United States were more active at the two-in-one elections as compared to the early general elections in July. Election results are similar to those in Bulgaria. According to preliminary information, high turnout was registered in..

15.11.21 09:55 |

Maria Tsvetkova from Basel, Switzerland: "There is hope this time"

Bulgarians in Switzerland vote for president and for National Assembly in 12 polling stations across the country. In Basel, the election day continues normally , Bulgarian Maria Tsvetkova has reported . For many years she has been living in the..

14.11.21 18:41 |
Tsvetozar Tomov

Polling stations in Bulgaria are functioning normally

Election day started normally. Only three voting machines have failed. However, voting is taking place via paper ballots in these polling stations, the Spokesperson of the Central Election Commission Tsvetozar Tomov announced. In other polling..

14.11.21 11:30 |

Residents of Gluhar are tired of voting, hope that young Bulgarians would return from abroad

The residents of the small village of Gluhar take a responsible attitude towards the forthcoming two-in-one elections. However, they do not believe anymore that the change for a better life depends on elections. They realize that poverty..

14.11.21 11:05 |
Bulgaria's caretaker Premier Stefan Yanev

Stefan Yanev: People diagnosed with Covid-19 via antigen tests to receive green certificates

The caretaker cabinet is doing its best to avoid introducing a lockdown, this country’s caretaker Premier Stefan Yanev said. He voiced hopes that coronavirus morbidity will plateau in the coming days.  “The mandating of the Covid-19 Green..

29.10.21 10:01 |
Minister Svetlan Stoev

Minister Svetlan Stoev calls on Bulgarians abroad to join the preparations for the upcoming two-in-one elections

Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev called on the Bulgarian communities abroad to participate as volunteers in the preparation of the two-in-one elections on November 14.  "Bulgarians abroad are our most valuable partner in..

17.10.21 14:34 |
Bulgaria's caretaker Premier Stefan Yanev

Bulgaria’s new caretaker cabinet holds its first sitting

Bulgaria’s new caretaker cabinet held its first sitting only two hours after it took office. According to caretaker Premier Stefan Yanev, the main priority of the new caretaker cabinet will be to prepare the forthcoming two-in-one elections on..

16.09.21 15:10 |
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