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A quarter of a million people in Bulgaria have lost their jobs since the beginning of 2021

The number of newly registered unemployed in the country in the period from the beginning of the year up until 21 November is in excess of 250,000. 206,000 people have found jobs via employment agencies over the same period, indicate latest..

24.11.21 10:51 |

The poorest Bulgarians are permanently outside the scope of the anti-crisis support measures: Institute for Market Economics experts

2020 was the perfect social experiment, a serious stress test for the entire social system in the country, analysts from the Institute for Market Economics say. Back then, in the space of three weeks, around 90,000 people in Bulgaria..

06.07.21 13:20 |

National strategy for reducing poverty up for public discussion

Poor people in Bulgaria account for 23.8% of the population or 1,660,000 people, reads the National Strategy for Reducing Poverty which has been posted to the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for public discussion. The..

21.06.21 13:06 |

380,000 persons have lost their jobs since start of Covid crisis

380,000 people have lost their jobs in the last eleven months , indicates data of Bulgaria's National Statistical Institute and the Employment Agency, which are monitoring how the Covid crisis is affecting the labour market.  During the same period,..

02.01.21 10:07 |

Number of unemployed on the rise at start of September

The newly registered unemployed persons in Bulgaria are again more those who found new hobs , data of the National Statistical Institute shows.  The specialized labour market monitoring due to Covid-19 for the period from August 31 to September 6, a..

08.09.20 17:15 |

Rise in newly registered unemployed, new boom expected in autumn

After a temporary drop, for the second consecutive week the number of persons newly registered as unemployed in Bulgaria exceeds the number of those who found new jobs through state-run employment agencies - respectively 5,100 and a little over 4,000..

04.08.20 15:34 |

Unemployment rises by 96,000 people due to Covid-19

The newly registered unemployed persons in Bulgaria have reached just over 218,000 for the period from February 3 to July 12. This is shown by the latest data of the National Statistical Institute and the Employment Agency from the special monitoring of..

14.07.20 10:20 |

Mobile labour offices to start operating on Monday

As of Monday, June 15, the Employment Agency will resume the provision of services through mobile labour offices to facilitate the registered unemployed citizens in remote towns and villages. Their activities were suspended due to the coronavirus. The..

12.06.20 17:28 |

For third consecutive week, the number of people who found jobs is higher than number of new unemployed

For the third week in a row, the newly registered unemployed in the Labour Offices are less than those who started new jobs . For the period 1-7 June they are respectively 7,394 and 10,963 people. This is shown by the data of the National Statistical..

09.06.20 11:07 |
Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva

Two-thirds of the unemployed during the pandemic find new jobs

Since the start of the state of emergency in Bulgaria, 90,000 people lost their jobs, while almost 57,000 have found new jobs. Every day there are people who lose their jobs and find new employment . The good thing is that in the last two weeks there..

06.06.20 13:08 |
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