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Unemployment hits record low of 4.7% in September

The registered unemployment rate in the country continued its downward trend in September, hitting a record low of 4.7%.   The number of registered unemployed at the end of September was 154,936, indicate National Employment Agency data. The..

15.10.21 19:27 |

National Assembly adopts state budget update at first reading

GDP growth of 3.5% with increased household consumption by 2.8% and expected annual growth of 3.6%. This is envisaged in the update of the state budget which the National Assembly adopted at first reading. The budget deficit for this year..

27.08.21 11:44 |

There are no clear indicators, as yet, to what an extent our economy will plunge

As the Covid-19 pandemic was raging economic experts and analysts warned that the world was facing the deepest economic crisis, comparable to the great depression of the 1930s. According to European Commission forecasts..

18.05.20 15:00 |

COVID-19 forms queues in front of employment offices

Despite the government’s emergency measures for financial support in a number of sectors, the economic and social consequences of the coronavirus crisis are already visible at employment offices, judging by the fact that queues have formed..

01.04.20 13:52 |

Unemployment in Bulgaria at 8 percent

The employment rate among Bulgarians aged 15 -64 during the second quarter of the year stood at 63.7 percent or 1.3 percentage points higher on a year-on-year basis, the National Statistical Institute has announced. The unemployment rate is 8..

15.08.16 12:52 |
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