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Over 1,000 young people attend World Education Forum in Sofia

The largest educational forum in Southeast Europe, "World Education", brought together 45 educational institutions from 13 countries and more than 1,000 young people in Sofia . Leading universities from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, France..

25.03.23 16:44 |

Universities from seven countries establish a Balkan University Centre

The rectors of nine universities from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Turkiye, North Macedonia, Greece and Albania signed today at the University of Veliko Tarnovo a memorandum for the establishment of a Balkan University Centre , the BNR’s correspondent..

21.03.23 17:28 |

Young Bulgarians opting for foreign universities increased by 11.6%

The number of Bulgarian applicants for higher education outside the country has increased by 11.6 percent , BTA reports.  Data from the current campaign for study abroad applications by Integral consultancy show that young people are still choosing to..

14.03.23 17:05 |

Successful start for the first Education in Spain Expo in Sofia

The first edition of the Education in Spain exhibition was fruitful for both sides. As we already informed you, the event was organized by the Education Department of the Embassy of Spain in Sofia, the Spanish Service for the..

31.01.23 14:55 |

Young Bulgarians prefer universities in the Netherlands

The most desirable destination for higher education for Bulgarian young people is the Netherlands. N ikolay Histanov, manager of "Higher Education Abroad Programs" at Integral Educational Programs, told BNR that in the last 1.2 years the Netherlands..

31.01.23 12:32 |

The first "Higher Education in Spain" Expo is launched in Sofia 

The Education Section of the Embassy of Spain in Bulgaria begins 2023 with a special focus on higher education. The Embassy invites all students who would like to continue their studies in higher education institutions in Spain to visit the..

26.01.23 14:42 |

Bulgarian higher education institutions join European Universities Alliance

The Medical University in Sofia and the Agricultural University of Plovdiv have joined consortia that are part of the European Universities initiative. The European Commission has approved 4 more alliances, two of which involve..

09.08.22 11:00 |

Young Bulgarians choose universities abroad because they doubt they will be able to find a career in their home country

The poor results of the national external assessment have focused public attention on one major problem - the quality of Bulgarian education. They have raised a number of questions: what knowledge and skills do graduates have; are they able to meet the..

07.07.22 16:51 |

Bulgaria facilitates the admission of foreign students to local universities

The Bulgarian government has approved changes to the Ordinance on Admission of university students. They will facilitate foreigners applying to Bulgarian universities. The presentation of a medical certificate, which created obstacles for young people..

23.06.22 12:21 |

Georgi Bardarov: We need to change the philosophy of our education system

The demographic crisis in Bulgaria has been sparking public discussions for a long time. And although each government steps in with promises to counter this alarming trend, the results are rather alarming and cause a feeling of helplessness. Georgi..

20.06.22 12:24 |
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