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"Saints Constantine and Helena" resort celebrates its holiday with a rich program

Bulgaria’s oldest seaside resort "Saints Constantine and Helena” will mark its holiday with a rich event calendar and attractive offers for vacations and culinary experiences. The celebrations start on May 21 at 9 am in the Monastery of..

20.05.22 16:35 |
Violeta Egan and Nicole Gancheva-Contreras at BNR

Bulgaria as a "summer destination" for Bulgarian children born abroad

For many Bulgarian children born abroad, Bulgaria has become a "summer destination" for years. They visit their parents' homeland mainly in the summer, during vacations. Violeta Egan and Nicole Gancheva Contreras are two such youngsters...

04.08.21 12:24 |

Balkan Developments

North Macedonia’s integration into EU – provided principles of good neighbourhood are observed Bujar Osmani, Foreign Minister of North Macedonia met, in Athens, with his Greek counterpart Mikos Dendias. He was also received by Greek..

15.01.21 15:20 |

Start of winter vacation season in Pamporovo now put off until December 21

The resort of Pamporovo has some clientele, despite the partial lockdown and closed restaurants, spas, swimming pools, etc. In the Rhodope resort ski slopes and lifts are closed, too. However, some of the hotels welcome weekend tourists attracted..

08.12.20 14:41 |

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