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Fruit and vegetable price inspections launched

Inspectors from the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and the National Revenue Agency will inspect fruit and vegetable prices , Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev announced. By association and cooperation farmers will have equal access to the..

13.08.23 08:05 |

Bulgarian fruit and vegetables are gradually disappearing from the market

Production of Bulgarian fruit and vegetables may become just a memory in the future. In a report, scientists from the Agricultural Academy warn that production is at risk, as just one tenth of the arable land in this country is used..

11.06.23 11:30 |

With paella or as a milk sauce - how Makiko Miura ‎established the Bulgarian “lyutenitsa” in Japan

L y utenitsa (a vegetable relish or chutney) based on an original Bulgarian recipe, but Made in Japan has made its way onto the market in the Land of the Rising Sun , and its producer, Makiko Miura , is already making plans to expand..

30.11.22 15:15 |

Despite high prices, Bulgarians will still can vegetables for the winter

Autumn is usually the best season for canning vegetables. In Bulgaria they are abundant at this time and their prices are relatively affordable. The tradition of storing fruits and vegetables for the winter is especially relevant now, when uncertainty..

25.10.22 08:34 |

Twice more tomatoes, cabbage planted in Bulgaria in 2022 compared to previous year

Twice as many tomatoes and cabbage have been planted in Bulgaria this year compared to 2021 , show data of the latest analysis of the Ministry of Agriculture.  The areas with melons and strawberries are also increasing. According to preliminary..

24.05.22 14:41 |

Quality control of imported agricultural products from Turkey will be strengthened

The struggle for the border is a struggle for statehood, Bulgaria's  Prime Minister Kiril Petkov told Deputy Agriculture Minister Ivan Hristanov . The two discussed the security of the border with the Republic of Turkey when importing agricultural..

23.05.22 10:21 |
Korneliya Ninova at the Council of Ministers meeting, 20 April, 2022

Coalition partners agree on lower VAT for bread, fruit and vegetables

There is agreement within the ruling coalition on reducing VAT on the prices of bread, fruit and vegetables, Minister of Economy Korneliya Ninova said, adding that a zero VAT rate is even being debated. The Bulgarian Socialist Party is..

20.04.22 17:53 |
Venko Sabrutev

We Continue the Change proposes lower VAT on bread, fruit, vegetables

“ We Continue the Change is proposing a reduction of VAT on home-produced bread, fruit and vegetables,” Venko Sabrutev, deputy chair of the parliamentary budget and finance committee said for the BNR. A reduction of VAT on electricity is also being..

19.04.22 15:51 |

Bulgaria's Finance Ministry is looking for ways to support farmers

Financial support for countering the effects of the pandemic in the agriculture sector has increased from 36.2m euros to nearly 56m euros , Deputy Agriculture Minister Ivan Hristanov said in Veliko Tarnovo. He clarified that a fair and transparent..

12.03.22 17:45 |

Greenhouse growers: Consumers will not be able to buy Bulgarian vegetables this winter

Customers prefer to buy Bulgarian vegetables, because of their high quality and good taste. Next winter, however, Bulgarians may have to buy only imported tomatoes and cucumbers. Producers of greenhouse vegetables warn that it will be very..

29.10.21 09:25 |
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