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Stevo Pendarovski, President of North Macedonia

Pendarovski: The chances of Bulgarians being included in North Macedonia's Constitution are slim

The French proposal gives the Republic of North Macedonia a chance to start EU accession talks after 17 years of waiting. This is a "transitional compromise with a roadblock in place," said Stevo Pendarovski, the president of the Republic of North..

10.07.22 16:52 |
Protests in Skopje

Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry: Clashes in Skopje over the French proposal are worrying

Bulgaria's outgoing foreign minister, Teodora Genchovska, has described as worrying the clashes and protests in Skopje because of the French proposal to start the EU membership negotiations for North Macedonia. "Let's give them the opportunity..

06.07.22 16:07 |

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry: We are familiar with all the proposals of the French presidency

Bulgaria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of all the proposals of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the ministry said in response to an inquiry. From there, they specify that the actions of the Bulgarian institutions..

02.07.22 12:04 |
Bujar Osmani

Bujar Osmani: The document approved by the Bulgarian parliament will block the European process for a long time to come

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Bujar Osmani stated that today’s vote by Bulgarian parliament for lifting the veto on his country is going to paralyze the goodneighbour agreement with Bulgaria. National Assembly..

24.06.22 14:43 |
Edi Rama, Brussels, 23 June, 2022

Albanian PM Edi Rama of Bulgaria’s veto: It’s a disgrace!

“It's a disgrace that a NATO country, Bulgaria, kidnaps two other NATO countries, namely Albania and North Macedonia, in the midst of a hot war in Europe's backyard with 26 other EU countries sitting still in a scary show of impotence.” That is how..

23.06.22 15:16 |

Bulgarian Parliament does not reach quorum for sitting to discuss North Macedonia

No concrete proposal from Bulgaria to lift the veto for the start of negotiations between North Macedonia and the EU is expected at the EU-Western Balkans summit in Brussels. GERB-SDS and the MRF parliamentary groups have submitted drafts to..

23.06.22 11:04 |

Bulgarian political parties argue over the French proposals for North Macedonia

The French proposal to lift the veto over the start of negotiations between North Macedonia and the EU wants us to let Skopje start the process, and the EU and France will ensure that all Bulgarian conditions are met only then. This was stated by the..

19.06.22 11:44 |
Rumen Radev talking to reporters, 18 June, 2022

President Radev criticizes PM Petkov for transferring responsibility for North Macedonia to parliament

President Rumen Radev criticized the government for failing to formulate a Bulgarian proposal regarding the Republic of North Macedonia, and for submitting the French proposal now, transferring all responsibility to the National Assembly,..

18.06.22 12:55 |

Bulgarian Parliament already has the French proposal on the issue of North Macedonia

The French proposal for a decision on the veto imposed by Bulgaria for the start of negotiations of the Republic of North Macedonia for EU membership has been sent to the Foreign Policy Committee of the National Assembly.  The Bulgarian National..

17.06.22 17:51 |
France's ambassador to Bulgaria HE Florence Robine

France’s proposal on Bulgaria’s veto on North Macedonia’s EU accession negotiations expected today

The French ambassador to Bulgaria, Florence Robine held an unofficial meeting with MPs from the Friendship group Bulgaria-France in Bulgarian parliament.  The French proposal for a solution to the veto Bulgaria imposed on the launch of EU accession..

16.06.22 13:27 |

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