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Rumen Radev

President Radev vetoes sending of old personnel carriers to Ukraine

President Rumen Radev has returned the law on the ratification of the agreement by force of which Bulgaria is granting Ukraine old, reactivated personnel carriers, for discussion by parliament.   Bulgaria will provide old APCs to Ukraine,..

04.12.23 11:24 |
Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev

Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev: We will not sell state-owned land

No land from the State Land Fund will be sold , Bulgaria’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev said in an interview with  BNR. President Rumen Radev warned that he could  veto the 2024 state budget , b ecause of information..

03.12.23 13:29 |

The President set to veto the 2024 budget.

There are no precedents for a presidential veto on the draft state budget. But if Parliament does not bring the Finance Minister to his senses, I do not rule out such a possibility, President Rumen Radev told journalists in Burgas. The head of state..

27.11.23 14:07 |

Parliamentary Energy Committee overrides President's veto on electricity prices

With 11 votes "for" and 3 "against", the parliamentary committee on energy rejected President Rumen Radev's veto over the amendments to the Energy Act which introduce liberalization of electricity prices for citizens . The MRF and GERB stated that they..

25.10.23 13:18 |

Austria will lift the Schengen veto after next year's elections

Austria will give up the Schengen veto after next year's parliamentary elections , Austrian political scientist Prof. Reinhard Heinisch predicted in an interview for the BNR. Together with the Netherlands, Austria opposes the expansion of the Schengen..

23.09.23 11:39 |

Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs rejects the President's veto on the Judiciary Act amendments

The Committee on Legal Affairs rejected President Rumen Radev's veto on the amendments to the Judiciary Act . Without debate, the objections of the Head of State were overcome by 13 votes in favour. The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) voted against and..

03.08.23 16:50 |
Rumen Radev

Bulgarian President vetoes changes to the Judiciary System Act

President Rumen Radev has signed a decree for returning the changes to the Judiciary System Act, adopted on July 21, 2023, for a new discussion in the National Assembly. The changes envisage that instead of randomly selecting a..

01.08.23 15:16 |
Rumen Radev

President Rumen Radev vetoes parliamentary decision making the investigation service independent of the prosecutor’s office

President Rumen Radev has vetoed the law on amending and supplementing the Judiciary System Act, approved by the National Assembly on 2 June, by force of which the director of the National Investigation Service and the investigation departments of..

15.06.23 07:48 |

Foreign Minister: After October, there will be no obstacles for Bulgaria and Romania to join Schengen

The report of the European Commission on Bulgaria's readiness to join the Schengen area is expected in June or July , and after October there will be no obstacles for Bulgaria and Romania to enter Schengen. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign..

20.03.23 15:22 |
Bulgarian cultural centre in Ohrid after attack

Politicians demand that EU protect the rights of Bulgarians in North Macedonia

Representatives of various political forces call for a pan-European position on the cases of violence against Bulgarians in the Republic of North Macedonia.  The reason for the position was the case of the attack on the secretary of the Bulgarian..

24.01.23 14:52 |
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