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Bulgarian wine producers report high production volumes this year

Vine growers harvested high-quality grapes this year thanks to the dry summer and the rainy spring. However, wine connoisseurs will have to wait a bit more, because this year’s produce will be on the market next spring. “Fortunately,..

12.10.21 12:34 |

Bulgaria’s vine growers expect 30% bigger grape harvest as compared to 2020

This year’s grape harvest in Bulgaria is expected to be 20% to 30% bigger as compared to 2020, Krasimir Koev, Director of the Executive Agency for Vine and Wine forecasted in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio. Now, farmers are only praying..

11.08.21 12:51 |

2020 was a good yet difficult year for Bulgarian wine makers

The past 2020, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, was a good yet difficult year for Bulgarian vine growers and wine makers. It was also quite dry, which created conditions for a good grape harvest. This was summarized for BTA by Prof. Ivan Pachev -..

29.12.20 08:59 |
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