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Bulgarians vaccinated abroad will be able to get booster dose

Starting on Monday, December 20, all Bulgarian citizens and persons with permanent or long-term residence status in Bulgaria, who were vaccinated abroad, can get a booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine in Bulgaria and receive EU digital Covid..

17.12.21 18:15 |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends avoiding travel to South Africa

Bulgaria’s embassy in Pretoria has warned that due to the newly discovered version of Covid-19 - Omicron and the anti-epidemic measures introduced, many international flights to the Republic of South Africa and countries in the..

27.11.21 17:37 |

The actual number of people infected with Covid-19 is significantly higher

The situation with the coronavirus is uncontrollable. The new cases will reach over 4,000 a day. By the end of the month the capacity of the hospitals will be 100% exhausted. This is what the mathematician from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Ognyan..

19.10.21 11:05 |

Drastic rise in Covid infections and deaths

2,360 new coronavirus cases were registered in this country in the past day. These are 1,902 cases more in comparison to September 20th. 9.55% of 24,719 tests returned positive result, according to the Single Coronavirus Information..

21.09.21 08:45 |

Covid infections are surging – what are the reasons?

Just 10 days ago a fourth Covid wave, which health specialists in Bulgaria had been warning was coming, looked like something vague and unreal, nothing to worry about, or so people thought. Hungering for sun and sea after the hard months of trials..

16.08.21 11:32 |

Vaccinated persons should still follow restrictive measures

People with antibodies, when in contact with virus carriers, can become involuntary spreaders of the infection. The purpose of the vaccination and the formation of antibodies is to protect the immunized and to limit the epidemic when the virus enters their..

10.04.21 17:10 |
Dr. Yanev

Easing of Covid-19 measures now is suicidal, a general practitioner says

"The coronavirus is definitely ahead of the vaccination process and it is what immunizes the Bulgarian population," general practitioner Dr. Valentin Yanev has told BNR. He pointed out that the vaccination process was seriously lagging..

02.04.21 15:16 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 353

People queue during the night at Bulgaria's only 24-hour vaccination centre About 200 people were vaccinated against the novel coronavirus last night in the only 24-hour vaccination centre in Bulgaria which is located in Sofia's..

23.02.21 19:35 |

Antibodies neutralize all variants of the coronavirus: Prof. Radka Argirova

All antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 so far neutralize its variants, Prof. Radka Argirova, chairman of the Bulgarian Society of Virology, said in an interview with the Bulgarian National Television. The vaccines work, there is currently no new strain and..

14.02.21 15:54 |
Prof. Mariana Murdzheva

Covid-19 mutations could spark new wave of pandemic in late March

Another wave of Covid-19 is possible at the end of March, as new strains of the virus have started circulating, immunologist Prof. Mariana Murdzheva from the National Vaccine Taskforce has told Nova TV. There are currently three..

30.01.21 11:37 |
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