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MPs ban private labs at border

Phytosanitary control at border crossings will be carried out only in the laboratories of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA), MPs decided. Deputies adopted at first reading a bill to amend and supplement the Agri-Food Chain Management Act,..

26.09.23 18:37 |

Parliament establishes Machine Vote Security Committee

Lawmakers have set up a temporary committee to examine all the facts and circumstances related to the security of machine voting in the upcoming local elections on October 29. The proposal to set up the committee was made by the Bulgarian Socialist..

21.09.23 17:37 |

Parliament votes to lift ban on grain imports from Ukraine

Bulgarian Parliament has voted to lift the ban on grain imports from Ukraine after 15 September. The decision was taken with 124 votes in favour by the MPs from the majority and the MRF party.  There were 69 votes against and 8 abstentions. The..

14.09.23 13:36 |

According to President Radev, the new coalition has made the elections meaningless

Before the parliamentary vote on the cabinet proposed by PP-DB and GERB-SDS, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev recommended that the new government "must not betray the national interests the way leaders of the new coalition betrayed the..

06.06.23 13:49 |

Protest in front of the parliament against vote for regular government

A protest organised by the "Vazrazhdane" party blocked the "Tsar Osvoboditel" boulevard in front of the parliament. The protesters are dissatisfied with the creation of the "Denkov-Gabriel" cabinet. According to "Vazrazhdane", 14 of..

06.06.23 13:25 |

Bulgarian growers back ban on Ukrainian grain imports 

The National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives in Bulgaria supports the Ministry of Agriculture's proposal for a temporary ban on Ukrainian imports of grain and agricultural produce in Bulgaria, the Union announced at its national meeting in Arbanasi..

18.04.23 19:40 |

The number of people voting “none of the above” has been growing due to the divisions in society

The 5 th general election in this country in two years is over, and there will be six political formations entering the next 49 th National Assembly – the coalitions GERB\SDS, We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria, and the parties Movement..

04.04.23 11:28 |