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Galab Donev

Prime Minister convenes emergency ministerial meeting on Schengen membership 

Caretaker Prime Minister Gulub Donev will hold a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikolay Milkov and Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov on December 5 . They will review the actions..

05.12.22 06:10 |
Euriopean Parliament

Why Bulgarian MEPs voted against the designation of Russia a state sponsor of terrorism

With an overwhelming majority, MEPs adopted a resolution recognising Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Out of the total of 12 MEPs from the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats who voted against the resolution, 5 are Bulgarian MEPs..

23.11.22 16:50 |

The National Assembly decides: Bulgaria will send military aid to Ukraine 

It took the National Assembly almost five hours to decide that Bulgaria would provide military and technical assistance to Ukraine. The proposal of GERB-UDF and Democratic Bulgaria parties was adopted with 175 votes in favour, 49 against and one..

03.11.22 15:02 |

Parliament to vote on military aid to Ukraine Thursday

The deputies will consider on Thursday, November 3 the proposal of GERB-UFD to ask the Council of Ministers to send military aid to Ukraine, according to the website of the National Assembly. Other topics on the agenda will be the draft decision to..

01.11.22 19:40 |

A stalemate in parliament: MPs unable to elect a Speaker 

The 48th National Assembly, on its first day of work after four attempts, failed to elect its president and dissolved until tomorrow morning.  There were four nominees for the post initially - Rosen Zhelyazkov of GERB-UDF, Nikola Minchev of "We Continue..

19.10.22 15:56 |

Persons with Covid-19 and their contacts will be able to vote if there are mobile ballot boxes for persons with disabilities

There will be no separate mobile ballot boxes for the people infected with Covid-19, or their contacts for the upcoming election because there is no extraordinary epidemic situation in place in the country , the Central Electoral Commission has..

23.09.22 10:31 |

Updates of Public Insurance and Health Insurance Fund budgets are adopted

Bulgarian Parliament, the National Assembly, adopted the final update of the budgets of the Public Insurance and the Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).  The amendments provide for approximately 33 million euros to be allocated to the Health Insurance Fund..

28.06.22 18:30 |

Kiril Petkov's cabinet fails to survive no-confidence vote

The opposition parties of GERB, MRF, "Vazrazhdane" and ITN managed to overthrow the government of Kiril Petkov with the first successful vote of no confidence in Bulgaria's recent history. 123 MPs voted against the cabinet, 116..

22.06.22 20:30 |

123 votes bring down government of Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov

The government of PM Kiril Petkov failed to survive the vote of no confidence in the Bulgarian parliament. 123 MPs cast their votes against the cabinet as 116 voted for and none abstained. "It was an honor to lead a government that..

22.06.22 19:51 |
Nikola Minchev

Parliament votes to remove National Assembly President Nikola Minchev

After long and heated debates spanning over 5 hours, the MPs voted for the resignation of the President of the National Assembly Nikola Minchev.  113 MPs voted against his removal from the position of President of the National Assembly, 125..

16.06.22 14:54 |

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