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ITN goes ahead of GERB: Gallup

Data from the Gallup Sociological Agency from the parallel vote tabulation earlier at 100% of the representative sample shows the following election results: "There is Such a People" (ITN): 23,2%, or 62 seats in Parliament GERB-SDS”:..

11.07.21 22:36 |

Bulgarians in Scotland disappointed that voting machines not available everywhere

Election day in Scotland is also calm. In an interview with Radio Bulgaria, Bulgarian citizen Nelly Olova, who has been organizing the voting in the Bulgarian elections in Scotland for years, explains that there are two polling stations..

11.07.21 22:12 |

Bulgarians in Quebec are traditionally very active in elections

"I am proud of the Bulgarians as I see them today. I think they are trying to take their destiny into their own hands. It is by no means easy. But my deep inner feeling from the last two or three years during which I return to Bulgaria, is..

11.07.21 21:18 |

Nadezhda Stoyanova from Boston, USA: Bulgaria is part of each of us

It is very important for Bulgarians in the United States to exercise their right to vote in elections in Bulgaria. This is confirmed by the fact that at each subsequent elections the number of Bulgarian voters in the USA increases. In..

11.07.21 18:53 |

17.00 PM: Considerable drop in voter turnout compared to April 4 elections

By 17.00 pm, voter turnout at the July 11 parliamentary elections in Bulgaria was 29.1%. "This is well below the turnout recorded on April 4, when it was more than 10 percentage points higher. Indeed, the difference is quite considerable",..

11.07.21 18:14 |

Today Bulgaria elects its 46th National Assembly

It is difficult to predict the voter turnout and the election results of the five parties which are expected to attract highest electoral support. This is the conclusion of the election campaign for the early general elections, which..

11.07.21 06:50 |

The election campaign in Bulgaria is coming to an end – what are the expectations?

We are witnessing the end of a less active political campaign for parliamentary elections. The reasons for this may be seen both in the early nature of the vote in the holiday season and also in the considerable funds spent by the..

09.07.21 08:20 |

Young people undeterred in their ambition to bring about normalization of the country

After the regular elections for parliament held on 4 April, 2021, the parties in the 45th National Assembly failed to form a cabinet, after parliament itself held only 9 sittings. Analysts and sociologists say that they actually served as a..

05.07.21 11:45 |

Votes by Bulgarian diaspora add value to elections in the country

A record number of polling stations abroad – 750 - are to be set up for the upcoming elections for parliament on 11 July. Though the Bulgarian community abroad have been casting their votes in other countries for 30 years this right of theirs..

17.06.21 14:35 |

Are there conditions for higher voter turnout on July 11?

The regular parliamentary elections in Bulgaria in April were held in the midst of the third coronavirus wave that hit the country. Organization of the election process was complex and voter turnout barely rose above 50%. Now the situation in..

15.06.21 09:55 |
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