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Parliamentary elections give rise to questions instead of finding solutions

So where do we go from here? Political scientists and analysts reflect on this question after the Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria held on April 4. According to all preliminary forecasts, this year’s general elections were going to be unusual..

05.04.21 17:13 |
Stefan Manov

Stefan Manov: Record-high voter turnout abroad

"We must welcome the great activity of Bulgarian citizens around the world," Stefan Manov, a member of the CEC's Public Council, has told BNR. He said the election was likely to show a historic high of voter turnout abroad. "I..

04.04.21 21:03 |

Voter turnout continues lower compared to previous parliamentary election

By 5 PM voter turnout reached 38.2%, Gallup reports for the BNR. This continues to be around 4% lower than the voter turnout during the previous parliamentary elections. Voter turnout at the parliamentary elections by 3 PM was a little over 30%,..

04.04.21 19:16 |

11 AM: Much lower voter turnout compared to previous parliamentary elections

By 11 AM voter turnout at the parliamentary elections was 12.5 %, indicate data by Gallup International sociological agency from exist polls conducted in front of polling places. Gallup International is the BNR’s partner on election day and..

04.04.21 12:30 |

Covid-19 surge on eve of parliamentary elections could play a nasty trick on political parties

Will the candidates for the new parliament be able to get the better of the most powerful player at these elections – the coronavirus epidemic and model voter attitudes in their own favour? A question even sociologists and..

29.03.21 15:19 |

Record-high number of Bulgarians abroad apply to vote at the Parliamentary elections

Nearly 200,000 Bulgarians living abroad are expected to go to the polling stations at the forthcoming Parliamentary elections. However, many of them will be unable to exercise their constitutional right to vote because of a..

08.03.21 17:00 |

Did the elections in the USA dampen the enthusiasm of Bulgarians for machine voting?

After the US elections, the notions of many Bulgarians of what fair and just expression of the free will should look like seem to have collapsed. The very idea of someone getting 100% of the vote or of having a 100% voter turnout does evoke..

13.11.20 16:48 |
Иво Инджов

Are hopes for change of political players in Bulgaria realistic?

Political analyst Ivo Indjov comments on the current political situation in the country in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio A speech made by the Chair of the Bulgarian National Assembly has received a vast response in Bulgarian..

29.09.20 09:02 |

President Rumen Radev: Low voter turnout is food for thought

The low voter turnout at the European elections is not only a slap in the face of the political class, but also a food for thought why it is two times higher in democratic Europe, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev told media in relation with the..

27.05.19 12:07 |

Voter turnout in presidential runoff lower than in first round

Voter turnout in the second round of the presidential elections in Bulgaria at 5 PM stood at 41.93 percent, the Central Election Commission says. A total of 45.11 percent had voted at the same hour in the first round on 6 November...

13.11.16 18:49 |
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