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Number of people willing to vote in case of third parliamentary elections declines

Slavi Trifonov's party "There is Such a People" - ITN has been increasing its electoral advantage over the GERB-SDS coalition, according to the latest Market Links poll commissioned by bTV. The study was conducted in the period July 21-28. In..

05.08.21 10:34 |

Bulgarians abroad had conditions for mass voting, but no attitude

The absence of a full-fledged "Abroad" constituency is among the reasons for the lower voter turnout abroad during the July 11 parliamentary elections, Dimitar Dimitrov from the Central Election Commission (CEC) told BNR. "Technical conditions were..

15.07.21 11:43 |
Boyko Rashkov

Reports of electoral pressure exerted on members of the public

“The regional governor of Smolyan has reported that in his region, in some of the towns and villages, unprecedented pressure is being exerted on members of the public, voters, in all kinds of ways," Deputy Prime Minister and interim Minister of the..

23.06.21 13:03 |

6 political parties to enter the new parliament: Trend agency

Three weeks before the parliamentary elections, GERB-SDS and ITN have only 1.5% difference in their expected results , according to a nationally representative poll of Trend Agency conducted from June 11th to 18th commissioned by 24 Chasa daily...

22.06.21 09:57 |

Bulgarian citizens with expired ID documents will also be able to vote

Voters whose identity documents have expired after March 13, 2020, will be able to exercise their right to vote with them in the July 11 early parliamentary elections , Bulgaria's Central Election Commission decided. As in the previous parliamentary..

17.06.21 10:40 |

On election day voters will take off their masks to be identified

The Ministry of Health has issued instructions regarding the holding of the elections for National Assembly of Bulgaria on 11 July. Due to the epidemic situation voters must wear masks throughout the entire procedure and observe a distance of..

16.06.21 10:15 |

Bulgaria votes

Today Bulgaria elects its 45th National Assembly. This is the eleventh parliamentary election after the beginning of the democratic changes in the country in 1989. The first democratic vote in Bulgaria’s recent history was for Grand National..

04.04.21 08:05 |

As election campaign nears finish line voters still undecided

There are two days to go until the elections for the 45 th National Assembly of Bulgaria. The pandemic has made this election campaign unique because of all of the restrictions connected with it. But have the parties and coalitions jostling..

01.04.21 15:14 |

28.5% of Bulgarian voters prefer machine voting: Exacta research

28.5% of Bulgarians who will vote in the April 4 parliamentary elections prefer machine voting , indicates a survey conducted by Exacta Research Group between March 12 to March 20.  These are mostly voters under the age of 40, university graduates and..

30.03.21 19:53 |

Bulgaria's Election Commission announces rules for voting of quarantined, disabled citizens

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission has determined the rules for voting with a mobile ballot box at the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 4. According to them, voters with permanent disability placed under mandatory quarantine or mandatory..

22.03.21 13:03 |
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